Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship: Teach Your Kids About Online Predators

Sometimes, seeing is believing — especially for kids as they learn about some of the dangers ...

May 19, 2021

kid on an tablet with illustrations around him

Autistic Kids and Online Safety: How You Can Support Your Child

**Please note: This blog post was updated on March 30, 2023.** Note: We use both ...

April 14, 2021

A multicolored patterned background with two iPhone screens

Bark Announces New Screen Time and Web Filtering Features

The Bark Team is thrilled to announce the launch of two brand new features — screen ...

April 06, 2020

A laptop with a life preserver hanging off of its corner

Safer Internet Day: How to Talk to Your Kids About Digital Citizenship

Today is Safer Internet Day, and Bark is proud to join people and organizations around ...

February 11, 2020

Red and blue crayons on top of sheets of notebook paper

Internet Safety for Kids: What You Need to Know Before Your Kids Are Online

Is your 8-year-old more into giving their dog a makeover than Snapchatting their friends? Are ...

January 14, 2020

computer-generated girl on a purple background

CGI Influencers: The Instagram Trend You Might Not Know About

Learn about the latest Instagram updates here. On December 4, 2019, a computer-generated persona named ...

January 10, 2020

search bar with a magnifying glass

5 Tech Skills That Are Now Life Skills

While we don’t have the hoverboards or flying cars we were promised in Back to ...

January 08, 2020

Combat Child Predators — Here Are 8 Ways You Can Help

**This blog post was updated on April 21, 2021.** Child predators are harming kids at ...

December 17, 2019

Privacy and security

A Privacy and Security Guide to Bark

At Bark, we take your trust seriously, and we believe that you deserve complete transparency ...

August 14, 2019

How to Talk to Your Kids About Bark

**Note: This post was updated on February 23, 2023.** It’s easy for parents to get ...

April 05, 2019

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