Internet Safety Tips

How To Talk To Younger Kids About Bark's Monitoring Service

Part 1: How To Talk To Younger Kids About Bark’s Monitoring Service

Welcome to part 1 of our three-part series on how to talk to your kids ...

May 31, 2017

Happy mother and son teenager wearing a checkered shirt and sunglasses in city over orange background

What Tracking My Teen Taught Me About Trust

As parents we walk a fine line between offering our children freedom to good choices and ...

May 05, 2017

xxx on yellow background

Snapchat Sexting Is More Common Than You Think

**This post was updated on April 19, 2021.** There’s one app that can strike fear ...

May 05, 2017

laptop on a bed in a dark room

What Is An Online Sexual Predator? Find Out How They Trick Teens

Despite steep legal ramifications, online sexual predators go to great lengths to trick kids into ...

April 01, 2017

lego man taking key off keyboard

10 Ways to Protect Your Kids Online Now

Today’s guest post comes to us by the team at, an avid team of ...

March 17, 2017

Suspicious mother spying a daughter looking phone

Should You Monitor Your Child’s Messages Without Them Knowing?

When your child ventures into the digital world, it’s natural to want to know what ...

March 14, 2017

Do These 5 Things & Stop Worrying About Online Safety

One of the greatest – and relatively newest – challenges facing parents today is how ...

March 04, 2017

What Are Your Teens Texting? Decoding Teen Text Slang

Text slang is code children use when communicating digitally, as a shorthand to decrease the ...

January 19, 2017

Student looking at phone

What Is Phishing, Spoofing, Ghosting, and Catfishing?

Keeping up with the changing digital world and the terms used to describe threatening online ...

December 23, 2016

Talking About Online Safety

Parenting Today’s Teens: Online Safety

When you have a teenager, having a conversation with them isn’t always easy, especially when ...

February 24, 2016

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