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Making Schools Safer with Bark for Schools

After losing a daughter in the Sandy Hook tragedy, Michele Gay founded Safe and Sound Schools. Now she’s partnering with tech company Bark to develop the initiative. Gay joins Cheddar alongside Bark’s chief parenting officer, Titania Jordan.

CHEDDAR | December 7, 2018

Unlocking the Secret Phone Codes Used by Teens

As much as we all enjoy the internet and can’t imagine our lives without it, as parents, we all feel a bit uneasy about it, too. With the world at our kids’ fingertips through the use of smartphones and other internet-based devices, sometimes, it feels like our hands are tied when it comes to protecting our kids from the dangers of the internet. Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, shares insights on how to best protect your children from these dangers.

BOSTON 25 NEWS | December 5, 2018

The Working Mother’s Mentor Podcast

Titania shares about her role as Chief Parenting Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Bark and about her career journey that led her from radio to starting her own marketing agency.

Working Mother's Mentor | December 5, 2018

Buying Your Kid a Phone for the Holidays? Here’s What You Need to Know

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, shares tips and important information that every parent should know when purchasing their child’s first device this holiday season.

RED TRICYCLE | November 29, 2018

New App Aims to Keep Kids Safe Online

Bark’s CEO, Brian Bason, appeared on Yahoo! Finance Midday Movers to discuss how Bark’s new award-winning service can monitor text messaging to social media and can automatically alert parents with signs of cyberbullying, predators and more.

YAHOO FINANCE | November 21, 2018

When Your Child is the Bully

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, shares some insight on what to do if you find out your child is a bully, how to address it, and ways to help.

RED TRICYCLE | November 16, 2018

Teen Sexting

In a segment on teen sexting, Bark is listed as the recommended app to monitor your children online.

WSB-TV ATLANTA | November 15, 2018

District implements new system to monitor online student activity

Scot Scoop, a paper run by students of Carlmont High School, covered Bark in their article “District implements new system to monitor online student activity”. Their Principal Ralph Crame and Administrative Vice Prinicipal Grant Steunenberg discuss Bark and its effects on the school..

SCOT SCOOP | November 6, 2018

The Parental Monitoring Tool Helping Save Kids Lives

Titania, Bark’s CPO, was featured on The Opening Bell to discuss Bark, how it works, and why it is a necessary tool for all parents. Titania also discusses Bark’s “The Ultimate Parent Guide to YouTube.”


Take 3: New Parenting Apps for Those With Toddlers, Teens and In-betweens

3 new parenting apps you will want to make room for on your home screen: A better way to hire a better babysitter; A savvier way to monitor kids’ online activity; and a new way to digitize kids’ artwork. Bark is listed first as a “savvier (and more respectful) way to monitor your kids’ digital lives”

SHIBANI ON TECH | October 27, 2018