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Family First: Phone Apps and Children’s Safety

Summer vacation has officially started, and kids are spending a lot more time on devices. Kens 5 recommended Bark to help keep an eye out for suspicious online behavior on your child’s devices amid police warnings about internet predators.

KENS 5 | May 11, 2020

Protecting Children: Online Sexual Exploitation During COVID-19

Online usage has increased dramatically for children as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Psychology Today highlighted how Bark can help prevent the risk of your child being sexually exploited online.


FREAKS! Pedophile-pervs target school children tele-schooling during COVID

The podcast & radio show Crime Stories highlighted Bark’s monitoring technology in their discussion of the increased focus police have had recently on cracking down on alleged sexual predators as they target children who are online more due to online schooling.

CRIME ONLINE | May 5, 2020

Experts Warn of Rise in Cyber Bullying and Online Predators

Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, joined Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2 to talk live about how to approach internet safety with your kids during the quarantine.

WSB-TV 2 ATLANTA | May 1, 2020

Parent to Parent: Keeping kids safe on digital devices

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch answered a worried parent asking for suggestions to help keep her kids safe now that they’re spending more time online due to COVID-19. The article mentioned Bark as a helpful resource to monitor your kids and not feel exhausted and scared all the time.

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH | April 30, 2020

Getting Answers: How Much Screentime is too Much for Kids?

Turning on the tv or passing over a tablet might be the easiest way to keep your child entertained, but could be harmful. Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, talked to WKOW about how much screen time is too much.

ABC 27 WKOW | April 30, 2020

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online During Quarantine

Rich Wistocki from Be Sure Consulting Inc. joined Fox 32 to talk about how you can keep your children from venturing to dangerous websites and mentioned Bark as the type of “appropriate security software” needed to protect your kids online at home.

FOX 32 CHICAGO | April 29, 2020

Parents: Don’t Let the Screens Win

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, spoke with the Wall Street Journal about how life in quarantine has lead to an increase in screen time and offers tips on how parents can manage this increase.  

WALL STREET JOURNAL | April 28, 2020

Facebook, Instagram have fewer people policing inappropriate content. Here’s how to protect your kids.

As the coronavirus epidemic eats into Facebook and Instagram’s roster of employees who monitor reported posts, inappropriate posts are being ignored and left up, despite users’ protests. Bark is recommended as a way to monitor your child in case they come across inappropriate content during this time.

USA TODAY | April 17, 2020

9 Ways You Can Protect Your Family During this Pandemic

In an article on 9 ways to keep your family safer during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Bark is shared as a way to monitor and protect your kids while they are spending more time on devices and online.

MONEY | April 16, 2020