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The New Slenderman Is a Japanese Monster Named Momo and He’s Taking Over YouTube

The Momo challenge first became popular in South America, according to Titania Jordan, the chief marketing officer at anti-cyberbullying company Bark.Us.

DAILY BEAST | August 16, 2018

Protecting children from the viral ‘Momo challenge’ on WhatsApp

During the live segment, Titania explained what the MOMO Challenge is, how children can view it and how a young girl took her own life after viewing the challenge. Titania also discussed warning signs that parents can look out for that may indicate they are participating in dangerous online activities, and how apps like Bark can help parents stay on top of online challenges like these.

FOX BUSINESS | August 14, 2018

Leading Internet Safety App Bark Announces Their Expansion to Office 365 Accounts in Schools Nationwide

Originally launched in February 2018 for schools using Google G Suite, Bark for Schools is available at no cost to all schools nationwide, and currently monitors over 1.7 million students.

PR NEWSWIRE | August 13, 2018

3 tech experts share how they monitor their own kids online

Here is advice from three tech experts with three different methods of monitoring their kids online.

KSL | July 27, 2018

Kids Decoded: Secret Apps

Titania Jordan, CPO of, discusses how parents can stay on top of the growing list of apps children are hiding from their parents. Here are 3 steps to take when discovering hidden apps on your child’s phone.

COLORADO PARENT | July 24, 2018

Back to School Safety

Here’s how parents can send their kids to school in the coming weeks with a better understanding of how to keep them safe on both their personal and school-issued tech devices..

SAC & CO | July 23, 2018

Q & A: Phone apps to keep kids safe online

A reader wrote into the publication expressing concerns about cyber bullies and asked how to keep their children safe while online. Titania noted that it’s important for parents know the parental controls of browsers and devices and to talk with their children and other parents often about what’s going on in their digital lives. For monitoring, Titania suggest parents to use the Bark app, which will alert them to risky apps downloaded now or in the future.


Bark for Schools and how both parents and educators can keep kids safer with technology

During the live radio segment, Titania discusses how Bark is used and how to download, as well as the success of Bark for Schools since its launch in February. Titania also shares how Bark differs from other monitoring apps and all of the different apps that Bark monitors (including the House Party app). Additionally, the host directs listeners to to learn more and download.

RUSH TO REASON | July 18, 2018

Fortnite Stirs Up Controversy And Concern For Parents

Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, discusses how Fortnite can be made safer for children, what to discuss before letting your child play the game, and making sure your child understands what information they should never share online or on video game devices.


Number 1 App for Parental Controls for 2018

Bark is honored to be named the number 1 app for parental controls for 2018 by the Consumers Advocate. “Bark offers one of the most comprehensive monitoring packages in the parental control app landscape, and does so at a very reasonable price.” High praise indeed!