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Welcome to Camp Bark! Summer Activities for Kids

by | Jul 24, 2020

The birds have started chirping. There’s a slight morning chill to the air. You’ve been dreaming of a fluffy stack of pancakes and you emerge from sleep, dewy-eyed and cozied up in bed. Although for a few blissful moments you might think you’re back in seventh grade at sleepaway camp, you quickly realize you’re the parent now, and your kid sleeping down the hall is the one who desperately wishes they could be kayaking, weaving friendship bracelets, and making gooey s’mores.

It’s not always easy to think of summer activities for kids — no matter how long you’ve been parenting. For those seemingly endless days filled with nothing but “I’m bored,” we’ve put together a sample at-home summer camp schedule that’s sure to banish boredom in the time it takes to click a link.

Your kid can work their way through the list exactly as it is, or just use these suggestions to break up their TikTok time. Don’t have internet access or a backyard they can use? No problem! A couple of little tweaks can adapt these recommendations to your family’s specific situation. Once you get them set up with an activity, you should have plenty of time to join a team Zoom, call your BFF, or even clean the bathroom.

Warning: these ideas are so fun you may find yourself wanting to participate instead of doing your own work!






  • Volunteer to walk a neighbor’s dog
  • Create your own Disney theme park
  • Choreograph a dance to your favorite song











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