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Bark is an award-winning, proven solution that helps keep students safer online by detecting and alerting parents to cyberbullying, sexting, suicidal thoughts, drug usage, and online predators. When you sign up for the grant program, you receive Bark's communication materials, including flyers, web/social graphics, and newsletter copy.

"Cyberbullying is a problem that schools struggle to control or even identify within their culture. Bark provides a way for schools to collaborate with parents in a proactive way to combat this issue and provide a safer environment for learning.“

- Tim Hammill, Curriculum Services Director, Westmoreland Intermediate Unit

How it Works

Join the School Grant Program

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Inform parents about Bark

Encourage parents to sign up for a free Bark trial via your existing communication channels (emails, flyers, etc.). We'll provide you materials in your welcome email that you can use, including a unique promo code that will track your school's signups.

Earn up to $1,500 in grants for your school

Grants are based on the volume of Bark free trial signups that use your school's promo code:

  • 50 signups: $250
  • 100 signups: $750
  • 150 signups: $1,500

Benefits of joining the School Grant Program

Promote safe school climate

Your can help protect children by educating parents and students about online safety and support a safe school climate.

Earn money for your school

Your school earns funding quickly and easily. What you do with the funds is entirely up to you.

Stand up to bullying

Fight bullying in your community with materials from the welcome package, engaging parents through school communication channels.

Strong data privacy, safety and security

Bark Shield
Bark strictly adheres to compliance with federal and state privacy and security laws

All data analyzed is stored within an encrypted database, including backups. Bark does not collect any information from a student's education record. Student activity is kept private - school administrators do not have access to students' data. Data is not sold or shared with any third party.

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