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A Chromebook laptop against a teal background

The Ultimate Guide to Chromebook Settings for Parents and Schools

**This blog post was updated on August 4, 2022.** Whether they're supplied by your child's ...

April 08, 2020

Kids phone illustration with pull-down screen

Your Child’s First Phone: Tips and Tools That Every Parent Needs

**This blog post was updated on December 3, 2021.** Whether you’ve been waiting for an ...

December 19, 2019

Combat Child Predators — Here Are 8 Ways You Can Help

**This blog post was updated on April 21, 2021.** Child predators are harming kids at ...

December 17, 2019

phone at the dinner table

Healthy Habits for Kids Online

We all want to encourage healthy habits for kids. But are we setting the right ...

October 10, 2019

kids online safety

Kids and Technology: How to Help Keep Them Safe Online

Kids and technology — the two seem to go hand in hand these days, and learning ...

August 16, 2019

Best Tablets for Kids

Top 5 Kids Tablets In 2021

Whether your kids are just learning to read or are about to start high school, ...

June 28, 2019

Summertime toys and gaming devices

Summer Safety Tips For Kids

**This blog post was updated on July 8, 2021** Remember summer safety tips from back ...

April 19, 2019

Student pointing at shield with a lock on it

School Events Ideas: Host A Tech Night

Parents and schools are both invested in making sure their children become responsible digital citizens. ...

February 21, 2019