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TikTok trends image with clown, pills, and boba tea

TikTok Trends That Parents Should Be Aware Of

Have you ever seen your child recording themselves trying to master all the steps to ...

March 25, 2021

The TikTok logo in the middle of a number of alternative apps

Is TikTok Shutting Down? Here Are Some Alternatives To Watch Out For

If you’re like many parents, you’ve probably heard from your kids that TikTok might be ...

August 18, 2020

TikTok memes

How Tiktok Memes Are Changing Social Media

When we look back at 2019, we’ll remember it as the year that TikTok exploded ...

December 02, 2019

How Facetune May Be Harmful to Kids

Today, tons of platforms have built-in filters and photo editing tools, but one app helped ...

March 18, 2022

iOS 15 portrayed by the Apple logo with a multicolored 15 inside it

iOS 15: What Parents Need to Know About The New iOS Update

iOS 15 has officially been announced! Apple released their preview of all the new changes ...

September 14, 2021

What is anime header image — Illustrated girl on blue dog

What Is Anime? An Introduction for Parents and Families

If you’ve ever watched Sailor Moon or played Pokemon Go (remember when that app took ...

July 28, 2021

What is creepypasta header image with dark smiley face

What Is Creepypasta? Scary Stories Kids Read on the Internet

Do you remember reading the Fear Street books when you were growing up? How about ...

July 19, 2021

computer-generated girl on a purple background

CGI Influencers — The Instagram Trend You Might Not Know About

Learn about the latest Instagram updates here. On December 4, 2019, a computer-generated persona named ...

January 10, 2020