Web Filtering

Manage the websites your students can access.

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Say Goodbye to Fortnite in Class

Our free and custom web filter lets you select which websites your students can access on their devices. Allow or block specific sites — or even whole categories like streaming services, online gaming, sexual content, and more.

Why Use Web Filtering?

Help create a positive learning environment

Blocking distracting websites can help students focus. Reports on student online activities also provide key insights.

Protect students from the worst of the internet

There are some websites that no child should access — whether it’s a curious visit or an accidental click.

Preserve bandwidth on your school network

Many entertainment websites are a drag on school networks, surging the system and slowing down connections.

Take Filtering to the Next Level with Filter+

When you need to get granular, Filter+ lets you assign web filter policies by organizational unit or student group. This can look like customized rules for elementary, middle, and high schools — or even different classes within each.