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Is Scoopz Safe? A Scoopz App Review for Parents

Overall Rating:
⭐ 1.0 / 5

Updated June 24, 2024


Overall Rating: ⭐ 1.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 18

Scoopz is a social media app centered around sharing real, “unfiltered” videos. Think of it like a cross between BeReal and TikTok. Users can scroll through their For You page or watch videos from people they follow. It’s easy to interact with others on the app through comments, likes, and dislikes. The purpose of the app is to provide users with unmonitored content and uncensored content, particularly when it comes to news and journalism. Scoopz has a long list of community guidelines, but the app is far from appropriate. There is content that displays violence, crime, nudity, drug use, explicit language, and more.

Harmful Content 😲


Videos on the app display content ranging from news updates and nudity to violent crimes and profanity. There is no censoring and all video content appears unprompted on the user’s For You page. Scoopz offers content policies on their website but these are poorly enforced and explicit content is easily accessible.

Predation 🚨


Users can communicate through comments on videos, so if your child posts a video any user can leave a comment. Predators can create false accounts pretending to be harmless, and request to communicate with your child on other apps. Additionally, users can share their general location in their bio and a more specific location when posting a video, which means that other users can see not only the city where they live, but also their specific location, like the name of their school.

Positive Value 💙


Scoopz offers little to no positive value for users. Most videos are intense and suitable only for mature audiences. The app prides itself on not restricting people’s opinions, but because of this dangerous content gets through at an alarming rate.

Privacy 🔒


The only privacy setting in the Scoopz app is the ability to turn off a user’s location. There is no feature that lets users make their accounts private, so anybody can follow and comment on their videos or respond to a comment they left on another video. Also, videos can’t be edited or deleted, so once something is posted it can’t be taken down.

Parental Controls ✅


There are no parental control options available on the Scoopz app. Parents would need to use an outside monitoring tool or the child’s phone settings to set controls or restrictions for the app.


Bark can help you stay in control by letting you:

  • Block the Scoopz app completely, if needed.
  • Manage when your child can use Scoopz throughout the day.

So, should my kid download it?

Definitely not. Scoopz offers almost no safety features or regulations, which means it’s not a good option for kids. If your child is on the app, there is a very big chance that they’ll be exposed to content that is sexual, violent, or extremely inappropriate.

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