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What is Bark?

Bark is a parental controls company that helps families keep their kids safe online and in real life. Our products include an app, a phone, and an in-home filtering device.

With Bark’s award-winning, advanced technology, parents can:

  • Monitor texts, emails, photos and videos, files, social media platforms, and apps
  • Get alerts for potential dangers in online activities
  • Create custom screen time schedules
  • Block websites and apps
  • Track location in real time
  • And more
How does Bark’s monitoring technology work?

Bark’s artificial intelligence (AI) scans for worrisome content in children’s texts, emails, photos, videos, and content in 30+ apps and social media platforms. Our state-of-the-art AI does more than flag simple keywords, however. Bark’s algorithm analyzes language in context and is trained to recognize the ever-evolving nuances of kid, tween, and teen slang — including memes, emojis, and more.

How does Bark protect children’s privacy?

As kids grow into adults, we believe they need to learn how to live and thrive with technology — which is why we don’t give parents unfettered access to their kids’ online activities. Instead, Bark only alerts parents to potentially concerning situations. Kids can keep their privacy, and parents can save time by not having to scroll through every message.

We also have strenuous safeguards in place to protect your family’s data. All databases, physical servers, and web browsing sessions are encrypted to help secure your child’s data and give you peace of mind that their information is protected. We also comply with more privacy regulations than are legally required of us.

Why was Bark created?

Bark was founded by a dad of two looking for a way to help keep his kids safe online while preserving their privacy. Brian Bason, our CEO, left Twitter to start a company that would help parents protect their kids online and in real life — including his own. We understand that parenting with technology is hard — after all, we’re the first generation of parents to raise kids with smartphones. Because of this, everything we do is guided by our perspective as parents trying to help protect kids in the digital age.

Online Safety Blog

The Bark blog keeps parents up to date on the latest tech trends, apps, and more.


Parenting in a Tech World

Parenting in a Tech World is a helpful how-to guide for raising kids in the digital age.


Childhood 2.0

Bark is featured in Childhood 2.0, an eye-opening documentary about the dangers kids face online.

Leadership Team

Brian Bason

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Brian founded Bark as a solution to help parents work together with their children to navigate the dangers of today’s digital world. An entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as a technology product lead and executive, Brian is also a parent who knew he could address a critical void in internet safety solutions by creating one that is easy for parents to use while also affording children their privacy.

Brandon Hilkert

Chief Technology Officer

Titania Jordan

Chief Parenting Officer

As the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Parenting Officer of Bark, Titania is a renowned thought leader on digital parenting and has contributed to pieces in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Huffington Post, Fox Business, Daily Mail, USA Today, Vogue, and more. She recently co-authored a game-changing book that helps families navigate the digital age called Parenting in a Tech World.

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