Comprehensive Content Monitoring for Parents

Bark’s content monitoring app helps keep kids safe by sending alerts about potential issues. Our monitoring features give parents and guardians key insights into their kids’ digital worlds.

Bark's phone monitoring app for parents can alert you to harmful messages
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Help Keep Your Child Safe

If you’re on the hunt for a content monitoring app, you most likely want the peace of mind that you’ll be alerted if your child is ever in danger. Bark does just that (and more) by monitoring the top devices, platforms, and apps kids use today for signs of potential issues.

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What Bark Monitors

Key Content Monitoring Features

Real-Life Use Cases

It can sometimes be tricky to know exactly how a content monitoring app can help your family.

These examples show real ways they support kids' well-being.

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Our Products & Prices

Save up to 42%

Bark Jr

Our entry-level product is perfect for younger kids.

$ 5 USD /month
$ 49 USD /year with annual plan
  • Manage screen time
  • Filter which websites your kids can visit
  • Keep up with kids with location alerts and check-ins
  • Monitor texts, email, YouTube, and 30+ apps and platforms
  • Get alerts for issues like cyberbullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, and more

Content Monitoring Videos

Need more information about parental monitoring — how it works, why it’s important, and more? These videos can help.

The Best Phone for Kids — Powered by Bark

With the Bark Phone, you can get peace of mind that your child is staying safer online and in real life.

Content Monitoring FAQs

How does Bark's phone monitoring app for parents compare with others?

Bark's phone monitoring app for parents not only provides comprehensive coverage for all the top apps and devices, but also takes the crucial extra step of helping families navigate the issues raised by alerts.

Here's a complete list of absolutely everything Bark monitors on every device.

How does content monitoring work?

Add one of your child's devices or social media accounts to be monitored. Then — thanks to our comprehensive AI, we'll start sending you alerts about potentially harmful activities on those devices and accounts.

You can also customize how sensitive you would like the alerts to be. Don't care about profanity but want all alerts about drugs? No problem.

What issues can Bark's parental monitoring app detect?

Bark's parental monitoring app can send alerts about cyberbullying, sexual content, online predators, depression, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, disordered eating, and more!

What platforms can be added for parental phone monitoring?

Bark's phone monitoring app for parents helps you monitor over 30 of the top social media platforms kids use, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. We also monitor text messages, emails, web searches, images, etc.

Here's a complete list of what Bark monitors.