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What's the Right Age for First Smartphone?

USA Today | July 12, 2021

Top tips for parents on how to choose the right cell phone for your kids

Parents Say There Doesn't Need To Be A Kid-Only Instagram, Just A Kid-Friendlier One

NPR | June 1, 2021

Bark’s experts weigh in on one of the most controversial topics in big tech

bark app on usa today

Instagram for kids? Facebook urged to scrap plans as more than 180,000 sign petitions against it

USA Today | May 26, 2021

Instagram for kids creator faces backlash from safety orgs

bark app on usa today

Should encryption be curbed to combat child abuse?

BBC | May 18, 2021

Bark CEO, Brian Bason talks with BBC about encryption and online safety

11 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids | May 11, 2021

Bark’s recommendations for top educational YouTube channels

Big tech can't keep our kids safe, so the platforms need to at least make it easier for parents to protect their children online

Business Insider | April 7, 2021

The biggest challenges our kids face — rising teen/tween suicide, mental health issues, online predators, and bullying — are all buried within the content of their messages

bark app on usa today

Zuckerberg confirms Instagram for kids plans at Congressional hearing on misinformation

USA Today | March 25, 2021

More details on one of the most controversial tech offerings for kids with Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer.

Instagram is Making a Kids’ App.

The Washington Post | March 24, 2021

Hear from Bark’s Chief Parenting Expert, Titania Jordan on safety concerns surrounding the introduction of “social media, Jr” apps such as Instagram for Kids.

bark on the bert show

“Not your kid?” Think again.

The Bert Show | March 22, 2021

Bark’s experts weigh in on common warning signs that your child is being groomed online on this nationally syndicated radio show.

Facebook is looking into creating an Instagram for kids.

Instagram for Kids? Facebook explores creating a platform for users under 13

USA Today | March 18, 2021

Hear what the experts at Bark have to say about a potential new social media platform for young kids.

Growing up on Screens: How a Year Lived Online has Changed our Children

Washington Post | March 5, 2021

Bark’s data on the overall increase in kids’ screen time throughout the pandemic helps to frame this feature story with new perspective. 


Dangerous Phone Apps: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

ABC 12 Flint, MI | March 4, 2021

Parents, be on the lookout for some trending apps that are cause for concern..

Schools, Parents, Increasae Online Security for Students Learning Virtually

KATV Little Rock, AR | March 3, 2021

How are schools and parents keeping students safe online as they multiply their hours in front of a computer screen? Bark as a recommended safety tool.

From Pinterest to Fitbit, No App Is Truly Kid-Safe. Here’s What Families Can Do

Wall Street Journal | January 30, 2021

Porn and creeps can find a way into apps that seem safe, but there are ways to empower kids to block and report the bad guys.


Best Apps for a Child's Phone That Every Parent Should Install

Parentology | January 29, 2021

Patrick Quinn, parenting expert at Brainly tells Parentology that the best apps for a child’s phone are those which include active moderation and allow for parental access.

Facebook Apologizes for Glitch That Caused Pornographic Images to Appear on Feeds

WSB-TV Atlanta | January 26, 2021

Bark surfaced a major social media bug causing pornorgraphy to suddenly appear in the paltform giant’s search bar..

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

Parents | January 25, 2021

Kids can’t get enough of the video game, which now has 150 million monthly users and counting. But if you’re worried about its safety, you’re not alone.


Bark Technologies Releases 2020 Annual Report

Yahoo Finance | January 19, 2021

More than 2 billion messages analyzed across 30+ apps and platforms show alarming trends in children’s online activity.


Discord Chat App Is Safer Now for Kids but Still Lacks Parental Controls

Wall Street Journal| January 16, 2021

Data from Bark’s 2020 annual report is highlighted in this important piece on the controversial platform, Discord.  

Junior League of Birmingham to Host Virtual Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Month Series in January

Hoover Sun | January 1, 2021

Social Media Predators: What Parents Need to Know About Online Human Traffickers, presented by Bark – Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021 from noon to 1 p.m.


The Best Parental Control Apps for iPhones

NY Metro Parents| December 29, 2020

Bark is listed as one of the top apps when it comes to protecting your kids online. 

5 Best Parental Control Apps & Why You Should Consider One | December 29, 2020

Bark is listed as “One of the best parental control apps for social media monitoring.”

San Angelo Law Enforcement, Child Center Gives tips to Protect Children from Online Dangers

San Angelo Standard-Times| December 21, 2020

The San Angelo, TX police department endorses Bark as one of the top ways to protect kids online.

What is Bark? The App Saving Lives.

KTVK CBS 5 | December 19, 2020

Why the Bark app, Bark Home, and Bark community are critical to online safety. 

Rules are Important When It Comes to Giving Smartphones and Other Devices to Kids

WTVT Fox | December 17, 2020

Bark Technologies reports significant stats supporting the importance of establishing rules when entrusting kids with digital devices. 

Parents Warned to be Careful with Tech Gifts Amid Spike in Predatory Online Behavior

ABC News 27 | December 9, 2020

A 23% jump in online predation reported by social media monitoring and screen time management company, Bark Technologies, puts parents on alert when gifting tech this holiday season.

What Parents Need To Know About The New Social Media Platform Parler and ABC 9|December 9, 2020

This social media “Wild West” is gaining popularity among teens. Learn more about this controversial app with tips from Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan.

Parents use Bark app to Help Monitor their Kids Online

ABC 13 Houston | December 8, 2020

Learn how Bark monitors content and manages screen time without infringing on kids’ privacy.

Tech Co Offers Advice to Protect Kids During the Holidays

Fox News 54 Augusta, GA | December 7, 2020

You wouldn’t give your child a bike without a bike helmet. Don’t give them a device without these protective measures. Helpful advice from Bark.

Tips for Parents "Gifting" Tech This Holiday Season

KCRA 3 NBC Sacramento | November 23, 2020

Some sound advice from author of Parenting in a Tech World, Titania Jordan, to help “gift” technology responsibly to your kids this holiday season.

How to Keep Kids Safe on New Devices

WCSH NBC 6 Portland, ME | November 24, 2020

New devices come with new responsibilities. Bark Technologies’ Titania Jordan shares some valuable tips for parents.

Cyberbullying Related to Election is Growing Problem Among Kids

Scripps National | October 28, 2020

Bark Technologies releases some sobering stats indicating an uptick in severe cyberbullying directly related to this year’s election.

How to Limit Kids' Screen Time During the Age of Remote Learning

The New York Post | October 17, 2020

Tech execs, Matt McKee and Titania Jordan offer tips and strategies to help parents navigate a most challenging time in their new book, Parenting in a Tech World.

Parenting In A Tech World to Hit Shelves October 13, 2020

Yahoo News | October 6, 2020

How do you know when your child is ready for a smartphone? Which apps are the most dangerous for your 13-year-old? New guide, Parenting in a Tech World gives parents the confidence to navigate this uncharted territory.

Advice for parents navigating digital parenting during a pandemic

The Story Exchange | October 10, 2020

For entrepreneurs, the time is ripe to invent ways to help parents protect their children from cyberbullying and online predators.

Zoom Bombs and Data Breaches on the Rise During Pandemic

Boston 25 News | September 22, 2020

Bark is featured as a preferred app for parents to help protect their children from issues such as cyberbullying and online predation.

Inside Atlanta's AI innovations: the tech operating in the background | September 17, 2020

Artificial intelligence is simply a tool businesses and organizations can use to make data more relevant and powerful, panelists said during Atlanta Inno’s State of Innovation in AI event.

Two Atlanta companies partner to make e-learning accessible and safer for Detroit students

Hypepotamus | August 18, 2020

Hypepotamus shares how Bark and Stratix plan to decrease the digital divide through a new partnership. Bark’s ability to monitor a student’s online digital use, along with Stratix’s capacity to ship and maintain physical devices, focuses on the entire digital life of a student.

Apps to help monitor devices

KTVP – NBC Boise | August 31, 2020

Bark is featured as a preferred app for parents to help protect their children from issues such as cyberbullying and online predation.

As virtual learning and pandemic linger, risk of self-harm continues to rise among children

KMOV CBS 4 | September 10, 2020

KMOV CBS 4 shares information about the 123-percent increase in emergency calls Bark has made to parents and schools regarding self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Since the Bark app was released in 2015, this is the highest percentage of suicidal instances ever reported.

Parent-friendly apps, software to keep e-learners safe & secure

WCNC Charlotte | August 14, 2020

Shalan Fry, mom of two, shares that her family uses Bark to supervise online activity and add an extra layer of safety while her daughters attend school virtually this year.

Risky social media apps parents should be watching on their teen's accounts

ABC 33 40 | August 17, 2020

ABC 33 40 shares Bark’s list of nine new risky apps and some of the concerns that they say should be on every parent’s radar.

Preparing for a school year like no other during COVID-19

WNEP – ABC 16 | August 11, 2020

Teacher, mom, and blogger, Jenna Urban, recommends Bark as her go-to helpful high tech tool for the 2020 school year.

Rise of predators roaming the internet during the pandemic

NBC 26 The Rebound | August 12, 2020

Kristin Byrne speaks with Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer,  Titania Jordan, after Bark shared reports of a 23% increase in online predation during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Online predators seizing on the pandemic

WESW News 5 ABC | August 13, 2020

News 5 shares the warning signs that Bark says could indicate your child may be the victim of grooming.

How the pandemic could be making your child more vulnerable to sex trafficking

NEWS 10 CBS | August 4, 2020

Kirsten Arreguin, executive director at Redemption Ridge, an organization providing healing and restoration to female victims of sex trafficking, said COVID-19 could be putting more children in vulnerable positions. Arreguin recommends parents use Bark because of its ability to detect the warning signs for sex trafficking or sexual exploitation.

New apps vying for TikTok audience

Scripps National News | August 5, 2020

The Chief Parenting Officer of, Titania Jordan, discusses concerns among new apps competing for TikTok’s young audience.

50 on Fire: Bark helps keep children safe online

Atlanta Business Chronicle | August 7, 2020

Bark was named one of Atlanta Inno’s 50 on fire, an award that recognizes Atlanta’s most innovative founders, entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies.

Remote Learning Has Decreased Cyberbullying But Offers More Opportunities For Online Predators To Target Children

NEWS 5 CLEVELAND – ABC | July 29, 2020

Remote learning across Ohio and the nation has caused many parents to fear for their children’s online safety as more predators are now attempting to make contact with children. ABC News 5 Cleveland spoke with Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, to find out more on how to keep your children safe.

How To Keep Kids Safe Virtually During Remote Learning

FOX 32 CHICAGO | August 3, 2020

Fox 32 welcomed Rich Wistocki, president of Be Sure Consulting Inc, to talk about online safety precautions parents should take going into the fall for remote learning. He describes many schools as being able to protect school issued devices at school, but not at home, and suggests Bark for parents who want to ensure their children’s safety online.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

AZ FAMILY – CBS 5 | August 3, 2020

Child safety advocate and Bark parent, Katy McPherson talks about the dangers of online predators and highlights how she uses Bark to keep her daughter safe. She describes Bark’s monthly rate as being “the best money you’ll spend.”

Advice From 6 Inspirational Women on the Power of Community

FORBES | July 22, 2020

Forbes recently featured Bark’s CMO and CPO, Titania Jordan in their article: “Advice From 6 Inspirational Women On The Power Of Community.” The article highlighted how despite many of the struggles 2020 has brought, there are companies like Bark offering their services to those who need them.

Online Classes This Fall Could Mean More Online Dangers For Young Students

WATN – ABC 24 | July 22, 2020

While many parents plan to keep kids at home for virtual learning to protect them from the COVID-19 virus, another danger looms ahead. Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer at Bark Technologies talks with ABC 24 Memphis about how parents can keep kids safe from predators while online in the fall.

TikTok Scrutiny: Is your user data at risk?

KPRC 2 – NBC | July 24, 2020

Reports have been spreading about the widely popular Chinese-owned video sharing app, TikTok, and the growing concerns about user data being at risk. Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, talked with NBC KPRC 2 about how TikTok accounts can be made private so kids can stay protected and safe from unknown users.

Online Tools to Keep Kids Safe on Social Media

KERO TV 23 NEWS ABC | July 8, 2020

Social media can help many kids stay connected while practicing social distancing, but many platforms can become breeding grounds for bullying and inappropriate content. ABC News 23 features Bark as a solution to the problem.

Best Apps To Put On Kids’ Phones To Keep Them Safe Online This Summer

CNET | July 9, 2020

CNET recently published “Best apps to put on kids’ phones to keep them safe online this summer.” The article features Bark as an option for parents who want to keep their kids safe online.

50 on Fire: Celebration honors 50 Atlanta innovators and entrepreneurs


The Atlanta Business Chronicle presents their “50 on Fire,” honoring 50 Atlanta innovators and entrepreneurs. The article features Bark under “AI and Security” and briefly describes what our software can do!

Analysis: What apps are kids using most? Here are 9 of the newest and most popular this summer – and what parents should watch out for

THE 74 MILLION | July 6, 2020

Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, and Senior Vice President, Jeff Reistad, teamed up to write an article for The 74 Million about what apps kids are using the most this summer and what parents should watch out for.

Hollywood Police Department Partners with Tech Company to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

WAFF 48 | July 6, 2020

Waff 48 reported on the Hollywood Police Department’s decision to partner with Bark to help keep kids safe online and in real life.

How to Protect Your Kids on TikTok? - Complete Guide


Jerusalem Online published an article about how to protect your kids on TikTok and featured Bark as a way to help monitor and protect your kids while using the app.

Tips for Parents on Hate and Violence on Social Media

KDVR – FOX | June 10, 2020

Fox Denver brought in Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, to talk about how parents should approach talking to their kids about hate and violence on social media.

Bark Technologies

KQ2 – ABC | June 11, 2020

ABC’s KQ2 interviewed Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, to find out more about Bark’s monitoring software and the dangers online particularly on social media apps and the way they spread information to young kids.

Technology For Education: Utilizing Technology As The Shield To Protect Our Most Vulnerable Students

Stratix | June 24, 2020

Stratix Corporation reported on how technology can be utilized as a shield to protect vulnerable students. The article included Bark’s Senior Vice President, Jeff Reistad, and key information about Bark’s monitoring software that he provided.

Online Predators Targeting Children Digitally During the Quarantine

11 ALIVE | May 14, 2020

11 Alive talked with Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, to hear more about the rise of online predators targeting children since the COVID-19 quarantine began.

Best Apps to Put on Kids’ Phones to Keep Them Safe Online During Lockdown

CNET | May 28, 2020

With the surge in digital learning, CNET urged parents to re-evaluate the safety and security of their children’s devices and video chat apps like zoom, and suggested Bark as one of the “best apps” to keep kids safe online.

As Children Spend More Time Online, Predators Follow


The Wall Street Journal mentioned the 23% increase in the number of predators Bark has reported to law enforcement between early March and early May in their article discussing child internet safety and COVID-19.

Pandemic Brings Out Kids’ Sneaky Side: Forbidden Apps, Burner Phones


Teens’ use of so-called burner phones has been a hot topic on Bark’s Parenting in a Tech World Facebook page. The Wall Street Journal reported on how parents can address the usage of secondary “secret” phones with their teens. 

FREAKS! Pedophile-pervs target school children tele-schooling during COVID

CRIME ONLINE | May 5, 2020

The podcast & radio show Crime Stories highlighted Bark’s monitoring technology in their discussion of the increased focus police have had recently on cracking down on alleged sexual predators as they target children who are online more due to online schooling.

Protecting Children: Online Sexual Exploitation During COVID-19


Online usage has increased dramatically for children as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Psychology Today highlighted how Bark can help prevent the risk of your child being sexually exploited online.

Family First: Phone Apps and Children’s Safety

KENS 5 | May 11, 2020

Summer vacation has officially started, and kids are spending a lot more time on devices. Kens 5 recommended Bark to help keep an eye out for suspicious online behavior on your child’s devices amid police warnings about internet predators.

Parent to Parent: Keeping kids safe on digital devices

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH | April 30, 2020

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch answered a worried parent asking for suggestions to help keep her kids safe now that they’re spending more time online due to COVID-19. The article mentioned Bark as a helpful resource to monitor your kids and not feel exhausted and scared all the time.

Getting Answers: How Much Screentime is too Much for Kids?

ABC 27 WKOW | April 30, 2020

Turning on the tv or passing over a tablet might be the easiest way to keep your child entertained, but could be harmful. Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, talked to WKOW about how much screen time is too much.

Experts Warn of Rise in Cyber Bullying and Online Predators

WSB-TV 2 ATLANTA | May 1, 2020

Chief Parenting Officer, Titania Jordan, joined Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2 to talk live about how to approach internet safety with your kids during the quarantine.

Facebook, Instagram have fewer people policing inappropriate content. Here's how to protect your kids.

USA TODAY | April 17, 2020

As the coronavirus epidemic eats into Facebook and Instagram’s roster of employees who monitor reported posts, inappropriate posts are being ignored and left up, despite users’ protests. Bark is recommended as a way to monitor your child in case they come across inappropriate content during this time.

Parents: Don’t Let the Screens Win

WALL STREET JOURNAL | April 28, 2020

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, spoke with the Wall Street Journal about how life in quarantine has lead to an increase in screen time and offers tips on how parents can manage this increase.  

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online During Quarantine

FOX 32 CHICAGO | April 29, 2020

Rich Wistocki from Be Sure Consulting Inc. joined Fox 32 to talk about how you can keep your children from venturing to dangerous websites and mentioned Bark as the type of “appropriate security software” needed to protect your kids online at home.

Best apps to put on your kid's phone to keep them safe online during quarantine

CNET | April 12, 2020

With almost entirely digital school days and only seeing friends over video chat, it’s important to keep kids safe online during the coronavirus pandemic. CNET highlights Bark as a great way for parents to monitor and protect their kids while they are spending more time online.

Internet Safety for Kids: How to Protect Your Child From Online Danger

CONSUMER REPORTS | April 14, 2020

In a piece about the best ways to protect your children from the dangers on the internet, Consumer Reports highlights Bark as a resource.

9 Ways You Can Protect Your Family During this Pandemic

MONEY | April 16, 2020

In an article on 9 ways to keep your family safer during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Bark is shared as a way to monitor and protect your kids while they are spending more time on devices and online.

Watch: Mom Poses as 11-year-old to Catch Child Predators

PARENTOLOGY | March 11,2020

Parentology shares a story about Bark’s Special Projects team and their work uncovering the dark world of child predators.

No devices in bedrooms and 8 more tips for keeping kids safe from online predators


The Child Rescue Coalition shared with Good Morning America” nine ways parents can ramp up safety measures. One of those tips was for parents to use Bark to monitor their children online.

Everything You Need to Know About Zoombombing & Keeping Your Child Safe During Online Learning & Socializing

PARENTS.COM | April 9, 2020

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, shares tips with about ways they can protect their kids from being affected by the new Zoombombing phenomenon. 

Bark Technologies Acquires Router Limits to Create Comprehensive Parental Intelligence Software Solution

YAHOO FINANCE | February 25, 2020

Bark announced its acquisition of Router Limits, a router-based online parental controls and internet management company. The partnership will enable both companies to utilize each other’s strengths to create the first comprehensive online safety solution for families. In the coming months, Bark will debut screen time management and filtering to complement its existing AI-powered monitoring technology.

Utah school software will send alerts about student accounts


The Ogden school district in Salt Lake City shares its story of adopting Bark for its district and the value they are seeing in the free product.

Free Online Learning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19

TECH LEARNING | March 15, 2020

Bark’s free product, Bark for Schools, is included in Tech Learning’s roundup of the best free learning resources.

I'm 37 and I pose as children online to identify sexual predators. Here's what parents should know

GOOD MORNING AMERICA | February 6, 2020

Good Morning America shares a behind-the-scenes look into the harrowing work of Bark’s Special Projects team, lead by Sloane Ryan, posing as an underage girl to discover possible sexual predators who abuse minors — turning the evidence over to the NCMEC and law enforcement.  Sloane and Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, also share what parents should know when giving their children devices and access to the internet.

I'm 37 and I pose as children online to identify sexual predators. Here's what parents should know

NIGHTLINE | February 6, 2020

Nightline shares an in-depth behind the scenes look at the work done by Bark’s Special Projects Team.

'Safer Internet Day' seeks to empower parents to protect children online

ABC 7 | February 10, 2020

On national Safer Internet Day, Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, along with Detective Rich Wistocki and a local Bark family, all share tips on how to keep your kids safer online.  Bark is recommended as a way to monitor your kids online as well.

Story of 37-Year-Old Mom Posing as 11-Year-Old Girl Online Surpasses 5.5M Views

YAHOO FINANCE | December 23, 2019

The Bark Special Projects Team — led by Sloane Ryan — went undercover online as the fictitious 11-year-old Bailey, who received numerous texts from predators within minutes. That number grew exponentially over the nine-month duration of the project, and the harrowing details were published in an article on the online platform Medium.

Consumer First Alert: How to talk to kids about smart phone safety

ABC 2 | December 26, 2019

Many kids received their first smart phone this holiday season.  In this piece, Bark is recommended as an important tool for parents to use when monitoring these new devices.

Best apps to put on your kid's phone: Content monitors and screen-time limits

CNET | January 30, 2020

In this round-up of the best apps for parents to put on their kid’s phones, Bark is recommended as an option for parents who want to keep kids safer online.

37 year-old mom poses online as adolescent girl to uncover scores of online predators

CNN | December 21, 2019

Sloane Ryan of Bark’s special project’s team went undercover as an 11 year old on Instagram and wrote an article about her experiences.  Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, spoke with CNN about the project.

Mom Goes Undercover Online As 11-Year-Old Girl To Inspire Action Against E-Predators

MOMS.COM | December 23, 2019 shared their shocked reaction to Sloane Ryan’s special project and calls upon their readers to read her original post on Medium.

Setting parental controls on your kids' devices

ABC7 | December 27, 2019

Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, speaks with ABC7 to share her top tips for parents setting parental controls on their kids’s devices.

Looking to get your kids a smartphone for Christmas? Check out these tips

WOTV4 | December 11, 2019

WOTV4 shares Bark’s tips for parents who are buying their kids their first smartphone this holiday season.

Smartphone safety for kids ahead of gifting season

ABC27 | December 16, 2019

One of the most asked for gifts this holiday season are smartphones. The reality is, more than 50 percent of kids own a smartphone by age 11.  Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, shares 10 tips for parents buying their kids a smartphone for the holidays.

These Are the Safest Phones for Kids, According to Experts

YAHOO LIFESTYLE | December 18, 2019

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, talks to Yahoo! Lifestyle about which smartphones are the safest for parents to buy for their kids.

Parenting: Are you sharing too many photos of your kids on social media?

POST AND COURIER | November 14, 2019

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan provides insight in this article highlighting the potential dangers of sharing photos of your child on social media.

Apple says its App Store is ‘a safe and trusted place.’ We found 1,500 reports of unwanted sexual behavior on six apps, some targeting minors.

WASHINGTON POST | November 22, 2019

This article exposing the misleading app ratings in Apple’s app store shares a story about a real issue Bark discovered on one of these supposed safe apps.

What You Need to Know About Bark

PARENTOLOGY | November 25, 2019

Parentology shares the imporance of monitoring your children online, and the benefits of using Bark as your monitoring tool.

Tips for buying your child's first smartphone

PARENTOLOGY | December 5, 2019

Parentology recently talked to Titania Jordan, technology expert, and Chief Parenting Officer at Bark for some useful tips for when buying a child’s first smartphone.

Even experts can’t agree on whether technology is dangerous for kids

QUARTZ | November 5, 2019

Bark is mentioned as a popular parental monitoring tool in this article on the effects of tech on kids.

Cybersecurity Tips for Parents

FOX 40 | November 4, 2019

Lisa Thee, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Bark, and Girl Scout Troop Leader speaks on cybersecurity for children.  

Is TikTok Safe for Kids?

PARENTS.COM | November 14, 2019

Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, shares the potential dangers for children on the popular TikTok app, and shares tips for how to keep your kids safer on there. 

China's TikTok tries to stay ahead of D.C.'s tech backlash

POLITICO | October 15, 2019

Bark’s blog post about TikTok is quoted in this article about TikTok’s effort to “increase transparency around our content moderation policies and the practices we employ to protect our community”

What Is TikTok? A Full Guide for Parents

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING | October 21, 2019

Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, provides insight on what TikTok is, how it works, and the importance for parents to monitor their children’s use of the app.

Phone app alerts you when there is alarming content on your child’s phone

NEWS 9 | October 29, 2019

In a piece highlighting the importance of parents monitoring their children online – Bark is discussed as the best tool for parents to use.

Go Get Mom Podcast

GO GET MOM | October 6, 2019

In this episode about keeping our kids safe through online monitoring, Bark’s CMO Titania Jordan is interviewed and explains how Bark is a great tool for parents to use.

Tech Trends: Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet

NBC CHICAGO | October 6, 2019

In a segment covering the hottest tech trends, Bark is shared as a must have parental monitoring tool.

Cyberbullying: Mom credits Bark app for saving teen's life

TODAY | October 15, 2019 covers a story about a mom who credits Bark with saving her daughter’s life by alerting to her daughter’s alarming internet search.

Who Are My Kids Talking to Online? Internet Safety Facts for Parenting in a Digital Age

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING | September 18, 2019

Safety experts separate the real online risks from the hype and share how to keep our kids away from cyberbullying and objectionable content. Bark is recommended as a way to monitor your children online.

Online Safety for Teens

FOX 8 | September 20, 2019

Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, Titania Jordan, shares some advice for parents when it comes to keeping their kids and teens safe on the internet.

Kik Shutting Down: What Parents Should Know

Family Circle | September 24, 2019

The controversial Kik app, which was criticized for putting minors in potential danger with child predators, is officially shutting down. Bark’s CMO, Titania Jordan, shares some online safety guidelines for parents to help keep their kids safer online.

Sandy Hook Promise and Bark Partner to Help Protect Children Nationwide

YAHOO! FINANCE | September 11, 2019

Sandy Hook Promise and Bark announce a strategic partnership creating the country’s first comprehensive “home-to-school” portfolio of prevention programs for schools and parents to utilize to prevent shootings, acts of violence, and other harmful acts. 

Local case of 18 year old charged with raping an 11 year old girl raises concerns over how parents can monitor social media platforms

Q13 FOX | September 13, 2019

Bark is recommended as a parental monitoring tool in a story about the importance of keeping an eye on your child’s online presence.  

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids: The Latest Parental Controls From Apple, Google and Amazon

WALL STREET JOURNAL | September 17, 2019

In an article about how parents can use native parental controls, Bark is recommended as a complementary tool for parental monitoring.

Safeguard Your Kids with These 3 Parental Control Apps

THE LIST | August 27, 2019

In a segment highlighting three recommended parental control apps, Bark is highlighted to be used for parental monitoring. 

Are you monitoring what your children do online? Experts raise concerns about popular apps

CLICK ON DETROIT | September 2, 2019

This story highlighting risky apps recommends Bark as the most comprehensive tool for parents to utilize to monitor their children online.

Built By A Parent For Parents: Cyberbullying Startup Bark Fights Back

CRUNCHBASE | September 9, 2019

Bark’s CEO Brian Bason speaks with Crunchbase about why he started Bark and the importance of companies like Bark working to stop cyberbullying.

Digital parenting tips for Back-To-School season to keep children safe online

MY ARKLAMISS | August 21, 2019

Bark is recommended as a parental monitoring tool for parents to use as their kids head back to school and may be exposed to new, risky, apps. 

Whitehouse ISD Superintendent urges parents to monitor kid's social media activity

CBS19 | August 26, 2019

Whitehouse ISD Superintendent Christopher Moran urges parents to monitor their children’s social media activity.  He specifically recommends Bark, which he uses himself for his children.

Back to School Social Media Rules

WHIZ NEWS | August 27, 2019

Cleveland Clinic Psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Austerman advises parents to motior children’s offline behavior as well as their online activity for indications they’ve experienced something negative on social media. Bark is recommended to parents to monitor their chidren’s phones and social media.

Back To School Apps with Titania Jordan

SISTER CIRCLE | July 31. 2019

Bark’s CMO, Titania Jordan, sits down with Sister Circle to recommend top apps for back to school, including Bark for Schools and Bark for Families.

App helps WCSO arrest sexual predator

MY PANHANDLE | August 7, 2019

A sexual predator in Washington County is now behind bars thanks to Bark.  Bark alerted two Washington County parents that their 16-year-old daughter was receiving nude photos. The Sheriff’s Office was then able to use this information to locate the 25-year-old man responsible for sending the pictures. 

Top Apps For Parents To Be Wary Of As Kids Return To School

NEWS 9 | August 16, 2019

In a story about apps parents should keep an eye on for their children, Bark is recommended as a tool for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities. 

Blow Up Your Career & Redesign Your Life with Lisa Thee


Lisa Thee, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Bark, is interviewed.  She discusses how she is raising entrepreneurial digital natives and shares how Bark works and the importance of parents remaining involved in their kids’ digital lives.

Social Media Use Linked to Teen Depression

HLN | JULY 17, 2019

Bark Affiliate Ben Halpert of Savvy Cyber Kids speaks to HLN about the importance of monitoring your child’s online presence and recommends parents use Bark for that.

New technology helps Charleston area school track students’ online activities

LIVE 5 NEWS | JULY 19, 2019

Bark for Schools is changing the way Charleston’s Porter-Gaud School is monitoring its students’ online activity.

LiveMe links up with Bark to make livestreaming safer


US livestreaming app LiveMe is teaming up with Bark, a service that uses machine learning to keep people safe online, to create a safer livestreaming environment for its broadcasters and users.

Amy Iverson: In the fight against online bullying, Facebook and Instagram have some new tactics


Bark’s blog post about the ways kids are using GoogleDocs to bully one another is referenced in this article about online bullying.

New software monitoring kids' online activity at Carolina schools uncovers disturbing trends

WCNC | JULY 3, 2019

Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, speaks with NBC Charlotte about how Bark for Schools is being used in many of the North Carolina school districts.

For keeping kids safe online, there are plenty of tools


Bark is recommended in this article highlighting ways parents can keep their kids safer online.  

LiveMe Partners With Bark to Create a Safer Livestreaming Community


Bark announces a partnership with LiveMe, America’s #1 live broadcasting app.  To strengthen LiveMe’s existing trust and safety measures, Bark offers monitoring services to help monitor, detect, and alert to signs of cyberbullying, sexting, suicidal ideation, school shootings, and more among youth.

Palm's head-scratching tiny phone may find a niche with kids

CNET | JUNE 18, 2019

Our partner Palm is highlighted in this article for being a great smartphone option for kids.

FBI Louisville reports spike in sexual exploitation, sextortion cases involving children

WAVE 3 | JULY 1, 2019

Newport Detective Dennis McCarthy identified Bark as a possible solution for parents who want to have a more active role in monitoring their children’s online activity.

How this new tool can help parents prevent teen suicide


Teen suicide rates are on the rise in Ohio, and Bark is highlighted as a solution, along with seeking professional help, for parents to monitor their children’s online activity.

5 Ways to Protect Your Kids in the Digital Age


Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, Titania Jordan, sits down with Josh Ochs of Smart Social to discuss keeping your children safe online. Relying on these tips and resources will make parenting in a tech world much less daunting.

After Her 12-Year-Old Attempted Suicide, This Mom Has An Important Message For Parents


Bark notified Lutz that her daughter had been browsing and searching for pills around the house with the purpose of self-harm. Now, she’s advocating for those who are suicidal, as well as raising awareness for parents who may or may not know their children are having suicidal thoughts or tendencies

New App Keeps Kids Safe for $9 a Month


Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell speak with Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, Titania Jordan, to learn more about how Bark is keeping kids safer online. 

Safe Space or Police State: How Far Should You Go in Monitoring Your Kids Online?


The need to monitor a child’s online activity is obvious to all parents, but many families struggle to decide at what point they are invading their child’s privacy. Bark is a highlighted as the parental control solution that allows parents to learn about worrisome issues their tweens and teens are experiencing online, but does not give them unfettered access to see every text, direct message, photo, or video. 

Growing number of hate groups recruiting through technology

ABC 10 NEWS SAN DIEGO | MAY 22, 2019

A growing number of apps and online video games are creating new opportunities for hate groups to recruit young people with little oversight. Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, Titania Jordan, discusses how predators will pretend to be young, even if they are not. She explains that children need to be instructed never to divulge any personally identifying information that can make them easy to locate, and then lured into a private chat.


Students Use Google Docs to Create DIY Social Media Network

NBC BAY AREA | MAY 17, 2019

Titania Jordan speaks to the growing number of students who are using cloud-based platform Google Docs as a DIY social media network. In some instances, students are using the tool meant for work collaboration as a secret platform for bullying.

Q&A: IT Director Drastically Cuts Incident Response Time with Student Tech Monitoring


Campus Safety spoke with Adam Jasinki, director of technology for the Affton School District, located in a St. Louis suburb to learn more about the process of selecting Bark for Schools to monitor the students’ G Suite accounts.

A.I. Aims to Curb School Violence

KNBC LA | APRIL 19, 2019

Since the Columbine shooting, which took place 20 years ago, the nation has watched the rate at which school tragedies are taking place increase. Titania Jordan, Bark’s CMO, explains how AI technology monitors student activity on school issued devices to look for signs of premeditated school violence.

Fighting Back Against Cyberbullying

KATU 2 | APRIL 12, 2019

The type of bullying teens and tweens experience today is not the same kind of bullying many of us are familiar with. Smart phones and other devices allow bullies to remain anonymous as they hide behind the technology. Titania Jordan, Bark’s CMO, explains how the severity of cyberbullying has led students to self-harm at alarming rates. Since its inception, Bark has alerted parents to more than 10,000 severe self-harm and suicidal situations.

Growing up on social media: A cautionary tale

THE CHANT | MAY 7, 2019

North Cobb High School student, Erin Grier, sat down with Bark’s Chief Marketing Officer, Titania Jordan, to discuss the dangers of apps like Tik Tok. Although social media platforms typically require users under 18 to get parental consent before downloading, many children are fabricating their birthdates in order to create an account. In turn, they are unknowingly exposing themselves to online predators. 

The Newest Place to Sext? Google Docs

NBC | MAY 3, 2019

Bark’s Titania Jordan discusses the places kids face bullying, sexting and predators, including Google Docs.

4 ways predators are targeting kids on Instagram

FOX 17 | MAY 1, 2019

Chris McKenna, Bark Affiliate and Founder of Protect Young Eyes, explains the four ways predators are targeting kids on Instagram and recommends using Bark as a monitoring tool.

Machine Learning App Helping To Prevent Cyberbullying And School Shootings

FORBES | APRIL 26, 2019

Forbes shares in depth how Bark and Bark for Schools works and highlights the case study with Plum Borough School District. The piece focuses on Bark’s desire to strike a balance between protecting the child from harm and respecting their privacy. Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, is quoted throughout the story and her podcast interview is linked at the bottom of the piece.

Protecting Families with the Bark App


Media Savvy Moms chat with Titania Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer of, about how Bark helps keep families safe. In particular, the episode highlights Bark’s collaborative approach–parents and kids working together as a team.

A new tool created to prevent school violence

KWWL NEWS 7 | APRIL 19, 2019

As the nation reflects on the 20 year anniversary since the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, Titania Jordan, Chief Parent Officer, discusses how Bark is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze student activity in order to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring.


Tech companies are using the tools they have to try to prevent tragedies like school shootings


Titania Jordan, Chief Parent Officer, explains how Bark has successfully alerted parents and the FBI to 16 credible school shooting threats.

‘Breaking the Silence’: Bullying looks a lot different today than in the past

KATU 2| APRIL 12, 2019

Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, is quoted in the second installment of “Breaking the Silence.” In this special segment, Titania Jordan, Bark’s CMO, discusses the prevalence of cyberbullying among teens and tweens.

Using Tech to Protect Our Youth


In this episode, Nicole and Titania explore how Bark has been used to prevent cyberbullying and school shootings. Titania Jordan is the CMO and Chief Parent Officer of, an internet safety solution that helps parents and schools keep children safer across social media, text messaging, and email.

‘Breaking the Silence’: Relationship between bullying and suicide is complicated

KATU 2 | APRIL 8, 2019

Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, is quoted in this special segment from KatU News called “Breaking the Silence.” The project is an effort to raise awareness and stop the stigma surrounding suicide. Titania discusses the prevalence of cyberbullying among teens and tweens.

Bark: An Award-Winning App Alerts Parents When It Discovers Their Children Sexting or Engaging in Potentially Harmful Behavior


Dating News explains that through a machine learning algorithm, both Bark and Bark for Schools can identify curse words, sexually explicit language, threats of violence, and other warning signs to alert parents when their children are experiencing danger online.

High school students design technologies to thwart an active shooter

FOX NEWS | APRIL 3, 2019

Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, is quoted in this article about how incorporating new technology into schools could impede an active shooter.

My Job Helping Sexually Abused Kids Was Making It Hard to Be Healthy for My Own Children


Lisa Thee, Bark’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, shares her journey from working with sexually abused children led her on a path that brought her to Bark.

Georgians Ask House for Study on Cyber-Bullying Law


Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, testified before a Georgia House committee in support of HR 553, which would create a House study committee on cyber-bullying.

New App Aims to Stop Harmful Activity Online

KRON 4 | MARCH 19, 2019

Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, speaks with KRON to explain why Bark was created and how it works.  She also addresses safety concerns regarding use of the app.

How to Balance Kids Online Safety With Their Tech Savvy

STUDIO 5 | MARCH 18, 2019

Lisa Thee, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Bark, shares how to balance your kids’ online safety with their tech know how.

The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs


In a piece about the ways kids are using Google Docs to get communicate with each other, The Atlantic references a blog post written by Bark on the same topic.

Kids Are Using Google Docs to Bully Each Other and Chat in Secret


PARENTS | MARCH 11, 2019 uncovers the unique ways kids are using Google Docs to chat with their friends (and even bully one another) when their parents might think they are doing school work. The article recommends parents use Bark to monitor their children online.

Kids Are Using Google Docs to Bully Each Other and Chat in Secret


Yahoo Lifestyle covers how students are using Google Docs to gang up on each other. The article quotes Bark’s blog about the topic..

Digital Trends Live: Apple’s March event, Huawei 5G concerns, and SXSW coverage


Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, shares tips for parents when giving their child their first smartphone and access to the internet. She also explains how Bark works and how Bark helps keep kids safer online.

How Kids Are Using Google Docs to Bully Each Other


LifeHacker shares how kids are using Google Docs to communicate with each other as a workaround to social media. The article highlights the dangers that come along with it and how Bark can help alert parents to potential issues.

App allows parents to monitor kids’ digital lives while also allowing privacy

KATU2 | FEBRUARY 27, 2019

KATU2 highlights Bark and how parents can use Bark to monitor their children online and keep them safer while still allowing the children to maintain a level of privacy.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Sexting


Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, shares tips for how to talk to your teen about the dangers and risks that come with sexting.

Making Mobile Phone Use Safer for Kids With Bark

FOX 47 NEWS | FEBRUARY 25, 2019

FOX 47 News had the chance to speak with Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer of Bark about the product at the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

Can artificial intelligence prevent the next Parkland shooting?


Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, shares how Bark is providing a free solution for schools to monitor students on school-issued devices and accounts.

CyberSafe Parent Week: Online monitoring apps for parents

NEWS8 | FEBRUARY 7, 2019

In a segment on ways parents can keep their children safe online, Bark’s creative director, Roo Powell, shares how Bark can help parents monitor their children online.

The Urban Dictionary for Parents (Abridged)


Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, shares some translations of current popular teen slang terms.

More than half of kids ages 8-12 experience cyberbullying: Report


Bark’s 2018 Children & Teen Cyber Fact Sheet provides a collection of data analyzed from over 900 million messages across texts, email, social media, and school-issued Google and Microsoft accounts of 2.6 million children ages 8-17.


How to Stay Safe on Social Media



Youtuber and Video Consultant, Owen Video, shares his top tips for safety on social media.  He discusses the importance of parents monitoring their children’s devices and highly recommends the use of Bark.

Bark for Schools


Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, discusses the work Bark for Schools is doing to protect children in schools.

How to Encourage Positive Social Media Experience for Kids After Rash of Sex Crimes



WNCT9 | JANUARY 4, 2019

This article discusses the importance of communicating with your children about the dangers of meeting with people they only know online. Bark is recommended to parents as a way to monitor your children’s use of social media and the internet.

Bark App Aims to Keep Children Safe Online


Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, Skypes in with Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi, Brian Cheung, and Heidi Chung to discuss how Bark helps to monitor children’s online activity, keeping them safe and free of digital threats.

Christmas Tech Tips for Kids


Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, shares tips for helping set up your child’s new (or first) device this holiday season.

11 Best Apps for Parents to Monitor Their Kids

PARENTS | DECEMBER 19, 2018 lists Bark as one of the 11 best apps for parents to use while monitoring their kids.

How to Help Your Kid Shake the Holiday Blues


Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, offers up tips and tricks for helping your child avoid the holiday blues.


Bark // Predictive Software for Keeping Children Safe Online



Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, speaks with the hosts of Upside – The Business Growth Podcast about the successes of Bark.

The Quiet Success Of Safe Schools Advocates


Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, and Michele Gay, the founder of Safe and Sound Schools, share how community-based solutions (like Bark) to school violence can help prevent incidents.

Sandy Hook Anniversary: Her Daughter Was Killed During Shooting, Now She's Empowering Schools To Stop The Next One


Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, and Michele Gay, the founder of Safe and Sound Schools, are profiled in this powerful article and share how Bark empowers and helps give schools the tools they need to not be sitting ducks.


Must-have Apps for Parents this Holiday Season



This piece on apps for parents this holiday season includes Bark as a great app to keep tabs on where your kids are.

Monitoring Your Child's Use of Technology


Bark ambassador Chrissy discusses the benefits of using Bark to monitor your child’s use of technology

Making Schools Safer with Bark for Schools

CHEDDAR | December 7, 2018

After losing a daughter in the Sandy Hook tragedy, Michele Gay founded Safe and Sound Schools. Now she’s partnering with tech company Bark to develop the initiative. Gay joins Cheddar alongside Bark’s chief parenting officer, Titania Jordan.

Unlocking the Secret Phone Codes Used by Teens


As much as we all enjoy the internet and can’t imagine our lives without it, as parents, we all feel a bit uneasy about it, too. With the world at our kids’ fingertips through the use of smartphones and other internet-based devices, sometimes, it feels like our hands are tied when it comes to protecting our kids from the dangers of the internet. Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, shares insights on how to best protect your children from these dangers.

The Working Mother’s Mentor Podcast

DECEMBER 5, 2018

Titania shares about her role as Chief Parenting Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Bark and about her career journey that led her from radio to starting her own marketing agency.


Buying Your Kid a Phone for the Holidays? Here’s What You Need to Know


Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, shares tips and important information that every parent should know when purchasing their child’s first device this holiday season.


When Your Child is the Bully


Bark’s CPO, Titania Jordan, shares some insight on what to do if you find out your child is a bully, how to address it, and ways to help.

Teen Sexting


In a segment on teen sexting, Bark is listed as the recommended app to monitor your children online.


New App Aims to Keep Kids Safe Online


Bark’s CEO, Brian Bason, appeared on Yahoo! Finance Midday Movers to discuss how Bark’s new award-winning service can monitor text messaging to social media and can automatically alert parents with signs of cyberbullying, predators and more.

Take 3: New Parenting Apps for Those With Toddlers, Teens and In-betweens


3 new parenting apps you will want to make room for on your home screen: A better way to hire a better babysitter; A savvier way to monitor kids’ online activity; and a new way to digitize kids’ artwork. Bark is listed first as a “savvier (and more respectful) way to monitor your kids’ digital lives”

District implements new system to monitor online student activity


Scot Scoop, a paper run by students of Carlmont High School, covered Bark in their article “District implements new system to monitor online student activity”. Their Principal Ralph Crame and Administrative Vice Prinicipal Grant Steunenberg discuss Bark and its effects on the school..

The Parental Monitoring Tool Helping Save Kids Lives


Titania, Bark’s CPO, was featured on The Opening Bell to discuss Bark, how it works, and why it is a necessary tool for all parents. Titania also discusses Bark’s “The Ultimate Parent Guide to YouTube.”

How Parents and Schools Can Work Together to Prevent Cyberbullying


During the segment, Titania, CPO of Bark, discussed how Bark and Bark for Schools are used, how parents & schools can download and the dangerous incidents they have helped to prevent to date. Additionally, Titania discusses what parents should do if their child is bullying others, and the rising rates of mental health issues in teens.

Stop Cyberbullying Now With Tips for Teens


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Here’s why social media depresses you, according to Kanye West and actual experts


“Social media is a filtered, curated portrayal of our peers’ lives and a sharp contrast to actual life,” Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer of Bark, told Metro. “Photos of your friends have been airbrushed to add tans, blur cellulite, and remove stretch marks. This generation is feeling the brunt of ‘The Comparison Trap’ without being given the necessary perspective to see the entire picture.”


Keeping Your Child Safe On Social Media With Bark


During the segment, Titania Jordan, Bark’s CPO, notes that Bark monitors for dangerous digital content in regards to cyberbullying, sexting, sexual content, self-harm, suicide, mental health and more and will send an alert to parents via text or email with best recommended next steps to address the issue at hand.

How Technology Can Help You Detect and Prevent Suicidal Behaviors in Your Child


Titania Jordan, Bark CPO, discusses what the Bark app is and how it uses advanced technology to alert parents to potential dangerous/concerning activity on their children’s devices. In the segment, Titania also shares warning signs parents should look out for in relation to their children’s mental health.

Ways to Keep Kids Safe While Online


In today’s digital age, children’s exposure to the internet is inevitable.  Chief Parenting Officer at Bark, Titania Jordan is here to discuss tips, tricks, and the latest ways to keep kids safe while online, using social media, or text messaging.

Bark With Titania Jordan


Protecting kids from digital dangers with Titania Jordan.

Protecting kids from online dangers


In today’s digital age, children’s exposure to the internet is inevitable. So how do parents protect them from perils such as online predators, cyberbullying, sexual content, and threats of violence? CPO at Bark, Titania Jordan discusses tips, tricks, and the latest ways to keep kids safe while online, using social media, or text messaging.

Bark brings in $9M to help parents track their kids’ online activity


Not to be confused with a dog-walking startup, Bark is a watchdog for kids’ and teens’ internet security. Today, it announces a $9 million Series A led by Signal Peak Ventures, with participation from Two Sigma Ventures, Symmetrical Ventures, Fuel Capital, Hallett Capital and Atlanta Seed Company.

Bark raises $9 million for AI that keeps kids safe online


Bark scans the content of kids’ phones and messages — even private messages. But it uses OAuth to connect social media accounts, meaning parents can deny it permission to access sensitive personal information, and Bark says it doesn’t store data on its servers.

How Bark helps parents keep kids safe online

CNBC | AUGUST 27, 2018

Titania Jordan, Bark CPO explains how parents can monitor their children’s internet and social media habits.

The New Slenderman Is a Japanese Monster Named Momo and He’s Taking Over YouTube


The Momo challenge first became popular in South America, according to Titania Jordan, the chief marketing officer at anti-cyberbullying company Bark.Us.

Protecting children from the viral 'Momo challenge' on WhatsApp


During the live segment, Titania explained what the MOMO Challenge is, how children can view it and how a young girl took her own life after viewing the challenge. Titania also discussed warning signs that parents can look out for that may indicate they are participating in dangerous online activities, and how apps like Bark can help parents stay on top of online challenges like these.

Leading Internet Safety App Bark Announces Their Expansion to Office 365 Accounts in Schools Nationwide


Originally launched in February 2018 for schools using Google G Suite, Bark for Schools is available at no cost to all schools nationwide, and currently monitors over 1.7 million students.

FBI Investigates After Olive Branch Teen’s Parents Say He Was Lured on Video Game App


According to the family, police say the teen was lured away from home by a person he met on a video gaming messaging app called “Discord.”

3 tech experts share how they monitor their own kids online

KSL | JULY 27, 2018

Here is advice from three tech experts with three different methods of monitoring their kids online.

Kids Decoded: Secret Apps


Titania Jordan, CPO of, discusses how parents can stay on top of the growing list of apps children are hiding from their parents. Here are 3 steps to take when discovering hidden apps on your child’s phone.

Back to School Safety

SAC & CO | JULY 23, 2018

Here’s how parents can send their kids to school in the coming weeks with a better understanding of how to keep them safe on both their personal and school-issued tech devices..

Q & A: Phone apps to keep kids safe online


A reader wrote into the publication expressing concerns about cyber bullies and asked how to keep their children safe while online. Titania noted that it’s important for parents know the parental controls of browsers and devices and to talk with their children and other parents often about what’s going on in their digital lives. For monitoring, Titania suggest parents to use the Bark app, which will alert them to risky apps downloaded now or in the future.

Bark for Schools and how both parents and educators can keep kids safer with technology


During the live radio segment, Titania discusses how Bark is used and how to download, as well as the success of Bark for Schools since its launch in February. Titania also shares how Bark differs from other monitoring apps and all of the different apps that Bark monitors (including the House Party app). Additionally, the host directs listeners to to learn more and download.

Fortnite Stirs Up Controversy And Concern For Parents


Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Officer, discusses how Fortnite can be made safer for children, what to discuss before letting your child play the game, and making sure your child understands what information they should never share online or on video game devices.

Number 1 App for Parental Controls for 2018


Bark is honored to be named the number 1 app for parental controls for 2018 by the Consumers Advocate. “Bark offers one of the most comprehensive monitoring packages in the parental control app landscape, and does so at a very reasonable price.” High praise indeed!

Digital Parenting: Surveillance or Safety?


A new app Bark aims to keep kids safe by alerting parents to potentially dangerous content sent through social media accounts, email, and texts.

Morning Dose: Bark App Alerts Parents to Child Concerns

CW33 | JUNE 11, 2018

There’s a growing interest in Bark app, which monitors your child’s social media, text messages, and email, and will only send parents an alert if it identifies worrisome phrases that could suggest suicide, depression, threats against the self or others, cyberbullying, or being targeted by online predators.

Social Media App Picks Up Signs of Violence, Predators and Suicidal Thoughts

WOAI | JUNE 8, 2018

Titania Jordan, Bark CPO, explains the types of online dangers Bark monitors for, including cyber bullying, sexting, online grooming from predators and more. Titania also discuss how Bark has helped stop 12 school shootings and bomb threats to date.

Sexting is the New First Base

KGO 810 | JUNE 5, 2018

Titania Jordan, Bark CPO, discusses June being Internet Safety Month with Ethan Bearman. She also speaks about the annual statistics that Bark has compiled through their message analysis about the risks kids face online.

Nude Photos Swapped Like Trading Cards on Revenge Porn Site

11 ALIVE | MAY 30, 2018

There are places online where secrets are traded. With just a few clicks users uncover a catalog of illicit photos organized by state, county, school and sex act. Titania Jordan, CPO of Bark, an app dedicated to making the web safer for children, explains how detrimental such photos can be for victims.

The Cell Phone Monitoring Episode


With the recent school shootings heavy on everyone’s mind, educators are using technology as the first line of defense against school violence. Online Safety Expert, Titania Jordan, joins Fox News with the ways that Bark is helping schools prevent mass shootings.

Tracking Teen Smartphone Activities? There’s An App For That

ABC 13 HOUSTON | MAY 25, 2018

From credible threats made in schools, to teen suicide. There’s now an app that detects incidents like these, giving busy parents the ability to see what their teens are saying on their smartphones.

Digital Parenting: Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Safety


For families who worry about their children’s safety on the internet, the newest generation of monitoring services may be a parent’s best friend. Titania Jordan, Bark’s chief parent officer, discusses why the internet needs precautions, just like the real world.

Focus at Four: Smartphone app monitors child's activity for potential threats

KBTX-TV 3 | MAY 22, 2018

In the wake of the Santa Fe school shooting, one app company is calling itself a potential part of the solution. Bark is an app that monitors all of your child’s smartphone use so that you don’t have to.

Creators Of The Movie ‘Show Dogs’ Respond To Intense Criticism

ROMPER | MAY 23, 2018

Romper discusses the controversy surrounding the recently released movie Show Dogs and scenes that parents say promote a disturbing message about sexual abuse. Titania Jordan notes that it’s a good idea for parents to educate themselves on the best ways to address troubling movie scenes with their children.

Bullying After the Bell Rings


Titania Jordan, Bark’s Chief Parent Office, shares the importance of parents having conversations with their children about new trends in digital technology, online safety and digital permanence.

What parents need to know about Fortnite


Chief Parent Officer, Titania Jordan discusses the potential dangers games like Fortnite can present for children and teens, how parents can tell if their children are playing Fortnite without their permission, and how parents can better monitor their kids’ gaming activities.

Video Game Predators Targeting Your Kids!


Titania Jordan, Bark Chief Parent Officer, discusses with the Doctors the growing presence of videogame predators. She talks about how these predators pose a danger to children, how they interact with children through videogames and how parents can keep their kids safe with their tech devices.

Game Changer App Helps Parents


Schools are using Bark to help keep children safe in schools. tracks your children’s social media activity, emails and texts. Bark is technology that keeps children safer online both at home and at schools.

Experts Warn Parents About New Self-Harm Cyberbullying Trend


Bark discusses the rise of teens SELF-bullying online. Titania Jordan, Bark Chief Parent Officer explains why kids are creating fake accounts to spam themselves with hate mail – and how to spot the warning signs in your own child.

5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online


Titania Jordan, Chief Parent Officer of Bark, an award winning app that monitors kids’ activities online and alerts parents of potential dangers, shares five ways parents can help keep their kids safe online.

Social Media Tool Could Help Catch a School Shooter


Listen to the podcast CyberGuy as Kurt Knutsson interviews Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer Titania Jordan to see how the Bark works and alerted a school about a potential shooting.

4 Tips on Protecting Your Online Footprint


Bark CPO, Titania Jordan, shares expert tips for helping to protect your child’s digital footprint. She discusses why sharing real names or personal information can lead to stolen identities, or even worse, predators can use this information to find a child in real life.

Bark Helps Keep Your Kids Safer Online Without Helicopter Parenting

FORBES | MARCH 24, 2018

Forbes highlights Bark as a solution to the many problems that can arise through social media and cellphone use.

Protecting Kids in the Digital Age

FOX & FRIENDS | MARCH 23, 2018

Host Ainsley Earhardt and Bark CPO Titania discuss how Bark and Bark for Schools works, current text slang words used by kids and teens, and the Pittsburgh school shooting that Bark is credited in helping to prevent.

The Jenny McCarthy Show


Bark CPO Titania was featured on the Jenny McCarthy Show as a parenting expert. She discusses with the host how to use and download Bark, as well as the difference between Bark for Schools and Bark for Parents, highlighting the number of lives saved and school threats detected by both.

The David Webb Show


Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer of Bark, an internet safety solution to keep kids and teens safe online on cyberbullying and how parents and schools can keep children safe online.

Sexually Explicit Videos Popping Up On App

FOX 5 | MARCH 12, 2018

Bark Affiliate, Reginald Corbitt, founder of SafeCyber, warns parents about a popular app kids are using. What parents don’t realize about this app,, is that it can also be used to exploit children.

Bullying in Schools and Online

PIX 11 | MARCH 15, 2018

Marvin Scott speaks to Titania Jordan, the chief parenting officer of Bark, about bullying in schools and online and what Bark is doing to help.

7 Powerful Things Teachers, Parents, and Kids Are Doing to Prevent School Shootings


Bark CEO, Brian Bason, discusses why he decided to start Bark. He then explains how Bark differs from other digital safety apps and the shocking data that Bark has uncovered.

Bark App Alerts Parents to Cyberbullying, Sexting and Depression

CBS 8 | FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Ayme Pankratz speaks about how she uses Bark to monitor her kid’s social media interactions which spark conversation around digital citizenship.

Tide Pod Challenge: Is P&G’s Brand in Danger?


Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer of, discusses the recent Tide Pod Challenge and shares that while Tide should look to reformulate their product, as it may look like candy to small children, children/teens participating in the challenge most likely know the difference and should not be participating. 


How Parents Can Decode Their Kids’ Texts


Titania Jordan, Bark CPO, discusses the ever-evolving text codes and explain that emojis may have a different meaning than what parents think.  Titania then talks about how Bark helps parents monitor their children’s text and multimedia messages.

Apple Urged to Take Action on Smartphone Addiction

CNBC | JANUARY 8, 2018

Tech expert and Bark CPO, Titania Jordan, provides 5 tips to keep your child from becoming addicted to technology.

How Much Digital Privacy Should You Give Your Kids?


It seems as though nearly every week a new study is published that contradicts the last one about how much screen time kids should—and shouldn’t—be allowed. But assuming you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy your child a phone, tablet or computer, the hard choices aren’t over—in fact, they’ve just started. Now, you’ll have to figure out just how much digital privacy to allow them.“You have instincts, and they’re there for a reason,” says Titania Jordan, chief parenting officer of Bark, a digital safety solution for parents.

Tips Before Giving Your Child A Smartphone This Holiday Season

TODAY | DECEMBER 22, 2017 

Your kids have been begging for one, and now, you’ve finally decided it’s time for their first smartphone. That’s super exciting for them (and slightly terrifying for you). Since we can assume what’s coming once that connected device is activated and connected to wifi, here are a few tips to make the experience a more pleasant (and much safer) one for all involved.

Decoding Kids’ Texts

FOX 5 | JANUARY 1, 2018

Parents need to learn the code works that their kids are communicating with on their text messages and social media posts. CPO Titania discusses how Bark is used, noting that it uses algorithms that look at bullying, suicidal ideation, sexually related things and shares recommending next best steps with parents.

AI Isn’t Just Taking Jobs, It’s Saving Lives

November 11, 2017

AI researchers have had a big year in 2017 with the creation of multiple technologies intended to help prevent suicide. Bark is a tech company that uses machine learning to analyze user content via email, SMS, and social media platforms. The technology scans for language that might indicate a user is contemplating suicide and sends alerts to the individual’s guardian if it senses trouble based on their online correspondence.

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How Bark Protects Kids From Online Bullying

October 31, 2017

Bark is an Atlanta, Georgia-based startup that is aiming to curb cyberbullying by analyzing social media feeds and text messages for signs of depression, sexting and harmful content.

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Is Social Media Contributing to Rising Teen Suicide Rate?

October 22, 2017

In an article on the rising rate of teen suicide, Elizabeth Chuck of NBC news, discusses whether or not social media is a contributing factor. The article points out that apps like Bark, which use artificial intelligence to monitor children’s digital communications, can alert parents to possible dangers like bullying, sexting, or internet predators.

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Bark App Helps parents Identify Depression, Combat Bullying On Kids’ Social Media Accounts

October 18, 2017

Bark is highlighted as an app that does all the work for parents when it comes to monitoring their teens social media accounts for dangerous online behavior.

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Mommy Matters: Staying Safe On Social Media

October 11, 2017

Bark is highlighted as a unique app helping parents make sure their children stay safer on social media. the technology makes sure that the Bark app doesn’t invade the privacy of your child, it simply keeps an eye out for those key online dangers.

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New Tools To Protect Kids Against Cyberbullying

October 9, 2017

Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer at Bark, speaks with KMOV about how Bark is a digital safety solution for parents. The watchdog engine connects to dozens of social media accounts, plus email and texting, and then alerts parents to issues like cyberbullying.

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Guest Spot: Brian Bason, CEO of Bark

September 20, 2017

Bark has already saved lives, and will surely save many more. Bark looks for signs on kids emails, social media, and phones that children may be experiencing depression, alerting parents and facilitating conversations.

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Alarming Surge In Suicide Attempts Among Young Adults

September 13, 2017

A new study warns that the suicide attempts among young adults has risen alarmingly. Bark CPO Titana Jordan talks about the signs that parents should be watching out for that could be a seen a teen may be suicidal.

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#Roastme: New Form Of Cyberbullying Parents Should Know About

September 5, 2017

On platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit, friends and strangers then go back and forth posting barbs about the person in the video, often including hurtful and humiliating attacks. Bark helps parents monitor children’s use of social media, alerting parents to potential issues of cyberbullying, sexting, drug-related content, internet predators, depression and suicidal thoughts

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Internet Addiction is Sweeping America, Affecting Millions

August 29, 2017

For the first time, a study on internet addiction is being funded by The National Institutes of Health, a signal that the problems stemming from excessive internet use may finally be getting the serious attention it deserves from the U.S. mental health community. Bark shares with CNBC 5 Tips To Keep Your Child From becoming Addicted To Tech.

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Got a Kid Heading Back to School? Get These 7 Apps First

August 28, 2017

Bark is honored to be featured on Inc. Video’s segment on 7 Incredibly Useful Back to School Apps. Let technology help you and your favorite student take on the school year.

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The Incredible Ways AI Is Preventing Abuse And Teen Suicide

August 24, 2017

Bark is an app that is designed to protect children and teens from online by using artificial intelligence to analyze their social media, text and email messages. It alerts the teens parents if it finds evidence of cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, sexting or other risky online behavior.

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Bark – Keeping Children Safe Online (While Not Infringing On Their Privacy)

August 2, 2017

Bark, a Village startup, is tackling online issues. Their technology alerts parents of potential problems instead of having to search for them such as cyberbullying, sexting, drug-related content, and signs of depression.

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Bark Saves Teens’ Lives by Using AI to Analyze Their Online Activity

July 11, 2017

At Bark analysis of 500 million messages has so far helped save the lives of 25 kids who were considered imminently suicidal but whose parents didn’t know.

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For Kids in Emotional Distress, Apps are Just Part of the Answer

July 7, 2017

Bark combs through children’s social media activity across 20 platforms, as well as emails and texts – using advanced machine learning to detect signs of cyberbullying, sexting, drug use and/or depression.

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Protecting Your Kids Online

June 26, 2017

Bark Chief Parenting Officer Titania Jordan discusses text slang parents should be aware of and the apps that need to be monitored.

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Kids’ Slang with Bark App

June 26, 2017
With many kids and teens having access to the digital world, it’s difficult to keep up with their digital language. Titiana Jordan of the app, Bark, which helps monitor children’s phones for internet safety speaks with You & Me.

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Is Snapchat’s New Location-Sharing Feature a Nightmare for Parents?

June 23, 2017

Snapchat announced a new feature this week that allows users to see where their friends are posting on a map. While the new feature may make it easier than ever to find and communicate with friends and check in on what people are up to around the world, some internet safety experts worry it may be another headache for parents. Bark CPO Titania Jordan speaks with USA Today about some of those safety concerns.

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Should Smartphones Have an Age Requirement?

June 20, 2017

Titania Jordan, chief parent officer at Bark, empathizes with the reasoning behind adding an age limit for smartphones, but ultimately thinks the endeavor is unrealistic. The devices in and of themselves are not the problem,” she adds. “It’s what they are doing on them, what they are seeing, and how long the are using them that needs to be tackled with responsible parenting.”

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Early Stage: Meet the Startup That’s Prevented 25 Child and Teen Suicides So Far

June 18, 2017

Bark, which charges $9 a month or $99 for one year, works with programs including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest and Kik, and sends an alert to the child’s parents via email or text message if it detects a potential issue.

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Do You Know What GNOC and PAL Mean?

June 12, 2017

Experts reveal the dangerous teenage sexting slang all parents should know. Parental protection firm Bark has released a graphic depicting text slang.

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Best Android Apps – June 2017

June 9, 2017

Bark is a solution to assist parents in keeping their children safe online. It’s essentially a way to link your kids social media accounts and messages so that if there are any signs of cyber bullying, or any other inappropriate types of behavior, the app can send alerts to notify you as the parent that there might be a problem to deal with.

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This is the Text Slang All Parents Should Know

June 9, 2017

Written communication among kids and teens today has morphed into such a confusing mixture of acronyms and emojis that it can almost make hieroglyphics more easily understood. This is why it’s important for parents to be up on the latest text slang.

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The Dangerous Texting Slang All Parents Should Know

June 8, 2017
Communicating via text can be incredibly convenient, but it can also be used as a tool by kids to hide things from their parents.

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Bark App Aims to Help Parents Keep Kids Safe Online

May 22, 2017
Bark is a new smartphone app that aims to help parents keep an eye on what their children do online and prevent them from various dangers on the internet.

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Sneaky Teen Texting Codes: What They Mean, When to Worry

May 21, 2017
If your teen has a smartphone, chances are they spend several hours a day on text and social media. While most terms are completely innocent, some child safety experts warn there can be more than meets the eye with texting codes.

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Can This App Protect Kids From Cyberbullying?

May 17, 2017
In today’s hyperconnected world, teenagers are spending an average of nine hours a day online (Children ages 8 to 12 spend six hours per day.)

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Tracking Teens’ Phones

May 16, 2017
Robyn Spoto, a digital media expert, talks about how she uses Bark and other apps to monitor her kids’ phones. Bark helps by monitoring her sons’ social media and email accounts.

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Could This App Have Prevented Hannah’s Suicide On “13 Reasons Why”?

May 13, 2017
Bark, a new app, says it can prevent suicide and help parents and officials monitor what’s going on between teens.

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Bark Helps Protect Kids from Cyberbullying and Suicide, While Safeguarding Their Privacy

May 11, 2017
The stakes are high, as parents search for new ways to safeguard their children from the harmful side effects of online interaction. Bark lets the machine learning algorithm do all the work, operating in the background of apps and mining for red flags.

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Keeping Tabs on Your Child’s Social Media Accounts, Texts and Emails for Online Dangers

May 11, 2017
Whether its Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, almost everyone has some sort of social media account, especially teenagers.
What they post could be setting them up to be targets for online dangers. Brian Bason is the CEO of Bark discuss how Bark can be used alert parents to those dangers, including cyberbullying and online predators.

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Bark Monitors, But Doesn’t Helicopter, Your Child’s Digital Activity

May 3, 2017
One of the biggest disconnects between the tech-savvy children of today and their parents is the child’s need for privacy and the parent’s need to make sure their child is safe. Bark has the answer.

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

May 1, 2017
CPO Titania Jordan offers advice on how to keep your kids safer online and explains why Bark is different (and better) from other solutions out there.

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5 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying

April 11, 2017 Issue
Start an open dialogue with your child, and be prepared to listen. It’s difficult for parents to know if their teen is a victim of cyberbullying. Brian Bason, CEO of Bark, talks about the five signs parents can look for if they suspect their child is being cyberbullied and the five things parents can do to help.

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Devices, Deception, and Dangers

March/April 2017 Issue
Bark CEO Brian Bason explains how children can easily hide things like explicit photos and messages they don’t want anyone to see using vault apps and hidden folders on their phones.

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Bark Execs on Protecting Your Kids in the Digital Age

March 15, 2017
Parents are finding new ways to protect teens online and still maintain their children’s trust and privacy. A service called Bark analyzes online activity and text messages for signs of cyber bullying, sexting and depression, and it alerts parents if anything suspicious is found. Bark CEO Brian Bason and Chief Parent Officer Titania Jordan join “CBS This Morning” to discuss their service.

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Risky App on Your Kid’s Phone? There’s a Fix for That

March 3, 2017
The CEO of Bark shares new details about protections against online dangers for children and teens

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Special Report: Decoding Your Teen’s Texts

February 24, 2017
Do you have one of those teens who always seems to have his or her eyes on a smart phone? You are not alone.

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Text slang 101 and ways to protect your kids online

February 23, 2017
We all know the dangers of the internet and as parents it’s hard to have any control over our kids social identity, but ironically enough technology is helping.

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The Complete Guide to Buying Your Child’s First Mobile Device

February 6, 2017
The age you purchase a phone for your child’s maturity and ability to handle ownership responsibly. With a little time and effort, you can put into place safety measures to help protect your children. Read Bark’s Complete Guide to Buying Your Child’s First Mobile Device for some tips.

This Week on Focus Atlanta

January 29, 2017
We provided assistance to parents looking to secure the internet and social media for their children.

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How Parents Can Protect Their Children From Hate And Bullying On The Internet

January 27, 2017
Children who are bullied, either online or in real life, often experience fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.  In some cases these feelings can become so acute that suicide seems like the only answer to escape the harassment. Here is a look at some of the effects.

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Do you know what your children are doing online? Tips to keep them safe

January 25, 2017
Smartphones and tablets often keep children or teens connected 24/7.How can parents monitor what their children are seeing or who they’re communicating with?

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The Potentially Dangerous Text Slang Kids Are Using That All Parents Should Know

January 10, 2017
Children and teens communicate digitally for a number of reasons. Whether they are texting or chatting online, these forms of staying in touch are fast and also offer a layer of privacy away from adults. Check out these 21 texting slang terms that parents should have on their radar.

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Columbine victim’s legacy challenging local students

January 5, 2017
Bark, a watchdog internet safety program paired up with Rachel’s Challenge.

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 ‘Bark’ monitors your children’s safety online

December 27, 2016
Worried about cyberbullying, sexting, violence or other online dangers? Bark may be able to help.

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Startup Star Titania Jordan Gives Atlanta Tech an Edge

December 15, 2016
Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer discusses how Bark automates the process of monitoring your child’s social media, texting, and emails and gives teens and tweens a sense of privacy.

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Decoding Teenage Texts

December 7, 2016
If you want to know what your kids are texting, sometimes reading the message is not enough. Teens often use abbreviations to hide the meaning of their conversations.

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11 Internet Slang Words Every Middle-Age Parent Needs To Know

December 2, 2016
Tis the season of lights, and the folks at Bark ― a watchdog company that provides digital safety services ― would like to shed some of that light on what your kids might be doing online.

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How to Decifer Dangerous Text Slang From Your Kids

December 1, 2016
Psychotherapist and Editor at Large for Live Happy Magazine Stacy Kaiser joined us live with dangerous text lingo all parents should know.

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Bark makes monitoring your kid’s digital usage (and keeping them safe) so much easier

November 10, 2016
Now that my son has a phone, as do all his friends, it’s a whole new world of parenting. For now, he is content texting his friends yo, bruh, what’s up and watching sports clips, but there will soon be a time when social networks come more predominantly into play

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12 Best (and Worst) Parental Control Apps for Android

November 2, 2016
Thinking of installing a parental control app on your kid’s phone? You’re not alone. Plenty of parents use such apps to keep their kids safe online and to provide themselves with some peace of mind.

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Keep your kids’ online activities under control

October 29, 2016
We’ve got to protect our kids from the myriad of things out in the world that can harm them while still allowing them enough freedom to explore and gain their own life experiences. We also have to ensure they don’t while away the day surfing Instagram and streaming YouTube videos. Whew. Here are some tips to keep control of your kids’ online existence.

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Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying

October 25, 2016, 2016
October is National Bullying Prevention Month. As our world becomes more and more connected online and our kids become more and more tech-savvy, online bullying is also becoming more prevalent

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Remind Your Child that Technology is a Privilege, Not a Right

October 19, 2016
Our children spend hours every day accessing the internet from smartphones, tablets, and home computers. It’s important to bring the family together to create and understand the rules around using devices and accessing the internet.

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Everything You Need to Know About Parental Controls

July 14, 2016
From simple content filters to robust home network solutions, new parental controls offer a range of media-management options.

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The 11 most impressive social good innovations from May

June 2, 2016
When innovators develop new ways to tackle global inequality and crisis, even the world’s biggest problems can become slightly more manageable.

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Bark Launches as a Smarter Way to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

May 12, 2016
Bark uses artificial intelligence to scan through social media messages and alert parents to potential cyber bullying, sexting and even depression.

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Bark helps parents keep kids safe online without invading their privacy

May 10, 2016
Bark is featured on Techcrunch as a finalist as part of the Techcrunch NYC Disrupt 2016 Startup Battlefield.

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Watchdog to Help Protect Children Online

May 4, 2016
Bark is featured on the CBS Eyewitness News detailing the value of Bark in helping to keep children safe online along with some lesser known threats like mobile apps masking themselves as a calculator or camera, while really a private social messaging tool under the covers.

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Father Catches Teen Daughter Buying Drugs…Thanks to an App

March 21, 2016
Trent, a father who uses a tracking app to monitor his kids online activities, was surprised to learn of his daughter’s drug use. Trent shares his story with The Doctors in an attempt to educate other parents on how they can protect their children.

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Monitoring Your Child’s Social Media Is A Necessary Parenting Tool

February 6, 2016
Concerned about cyberbullies, predators and general danger which lurks around every corner on the internet, one father signed up for an app which is designed to monitor a child’s online activity and alert their parent to potential dangers. It only took less than a month for him to get an alert that his seventeen-year-old daughter was up to something.

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Dad Catches Teen Daughter Buying Drugs, Thanks to App

February 4, 2016
Daunted by the prospect of keeping up with his two teenage daughters’ activity on social media to protect them from predators or cyberbullies, one father signed up for a new app that monitors their activity online — only to discover that his 17-year-old had gotten involved with drugs while out with the family car.

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Over 100 countries participate in ‘Safer Internet Day’

February 9, 2016
SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Tuesday is “Safer Internet Day,” which means people from over 100 countries across the globe are working to have safer and better Internet.

The push for more responsible use of technology can be online through your computer, or through your phone or tablet. The goal is to tackle things like cyber bullying, and a Richmond Hill father is doing his part as well. He’s started an online tool called “Bark,” that will monitor your children’s email and social media accounts and send you an alert if they find something suspicious, such as sexting or depression, without you having to dig through their phones.

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