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The Bark Phone featured on The Drew Barrymore Show

A Potentially Deadly Challenge

Good Morning America
One mother claims their Amazon Alexa encouraged her 10-year-old daughter to try the ‘Penny Challenge’, known for damaging electrical outlets and starting fires. Bark expert, Titania Jordan explains how to safeguard the popular device.

Parents of the social media generation are not OK

The Latest

New study shows kids exposed to adult content online much earlier

NBC Houston | January 27, 2023

Top 3 parental control apps

Candid Technology | January 25, 2023

What the Tech: Teens and adult content

A study by Common Sense Media found the average age of kids who see explicit content is just 12 years old.

WILX Lansing | January 23, 2023

Bark Technologies Releases 2022 Annual Report

Yahoo Finance | January 19, 2023

My Kid Tested Out A Cellphone With Built in Parental Controls!

Macaroni Kid | January 18, 2023

What Parents Need To Know About the Gas App

Yahoo News | January 18, 2023

We got our tween a phone for Christmas: Our parent-child smartphone contract

When is the right age to get your child a cellphone? Contributor Amy Davis explores this topic and shares a smartphone contract she has with her daughter.

WRAL | January 17, 2023

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