How Bark Works

Content Monitoring

How Bark’s Content Monitoring Works

1. Connect

bark's parental control app dashboard

2. Detect

Bark runs quietly in the background in search of issues that might indicate that something is wrong in your child’s online world.

alert in the bark app

3. Alert

Screen Time and Website Blocking

A parent getting online safety for kids through Bark

How to Set Up Screen Time & Blocking

download the bark app

1. Download the app

Online safety for kids through screen time

2. Set healthy limits

Online safety for kids through website blocking

3. Customize filters

Online safety for kids through a Bark alert

4. Get notified

Receive alerts if your child attempts to visit a blocked site containing sexual content.

Track Location

The Best Phone for Kids — Powered by Bark’s Parental Controls

With the Bark Phone, you can get peace of mind that your child is staying safer online and in real life.


How does Bark work?

Content Monitoring

Bark uses advanced machine learning and statistical analysis techniques to recognize potential problems. Simple keyword searches are not enough to detect the majority of issues, which is why our parental control app uses contextual analysis and natural language processing to determine when something serious might be happening.

For example, Bark knows the difference between a kid saying “This homework makes me wanna kill myself,” versus “Nobody cares about me!! I wanna kill myself.” Our algorithm also keeps up with the latest in teen slang.

Screen Time Management and Website Blocking

Families can manage not only when their kids can access the internet on their devices, but also which sites and apps they can visit.

You can create custom profiles for each child in your house, create screen time schedules, and manage access to a wide variety of websites — including video streaming, gaming, adult content, and more.

How can a web blocking app benefit your child?

Using a web blocking app can benefit your kid in a number of ways! You can use it to block content that harms their mental health, give them back time to enjoy screen-free activities, help them avoid misinformation, and much more.

How can you set screen time rules for your child?

Simply log into the Bark parent app/dashboard and decide what you apps and websites you want to allow and when — we make it easy with rules for school time, bedtime, and free time.

How do Bark's location alerts work?

If you'd like to start keeping track of your child's visits to and from a location, simply add the address to your child's profile in your Bark app. Give the address a name to explain what it is, (for example, "Sarah's house" or "Soccer practice"), and then when your kid starts to move, you'll receive an alert!

How does Bark's phone monitoring app for parents compare with others?

Bark's phone monitoring app for parents not only provides comprehensive coverage for all the top apps and devices, but also takes the crucial extra step of helping families navigate the issues raised by alerts.

Here's a complete list of absolutely everything Bark monitors on every device.

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you know how Bark works, take the next step! Bark was created by parents, for parents, to offer a better, easier, and more effective way to help families create healthy digital habits.