Mental Health

mother talking to her daughter, illustrated text bubble next to mom

Breaking The Stigma: Talking to Your Kids About Mental Wellness

As parents, we all want our children to be happy, healthy, and safe. However, when ...

May 11, 2023

teenage boy on his phone; illustrated emojis of sad face, rain cloud, and warning sign

Let’s Address Boys’ Mental Health Issues and Prevention

It’s really never been harder to be a teenager. Where today's parents mostly had the ...

May 04, 2023

mother consoling her daughter

Navigating Childhood Grief as a Parent

Loss has always been and will always be a part of life, but it’s especially ...

May 02, 2023

teen boy looking at phone with sad expression

How Body Image Is Impacting Eating Disorders in Boys

Content warning: This article discusses eating disorders and contains language that may be triggering to ...

April 06, 2023

father and son, son getting ready for school

Finding the Best Morning Routine for Kids: Bark’s Guide for Parents

Every parent knows the struggle of getting their kids up and out the door on ...

March 06, 2023

silhouette of child's head

Self-Harm in Teens & Tweens: What Parents Need to Know

As a parent, your first instinct is to protect your child from all of the ...

March 01, 2023

kid on his phone, cartoon messages depicting cyberbullying

How The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Impact Cyberbullying

Every parent is tasked with the difficult job of keeping their kid safe from the ...

February 07, 2023

girl doing yoga, smart phone in cancel symbol

Is Digital Detoxing a Myth?

Have you started to feel like your family is a little too dependent on technology? ...

January 31, 2023

person standing on a scale

Obesity in Children: How Does the Digital Age Affect It?

Between phones, laptops, and TV, it’s never been easier to be entertained and to connect ...

January 19, 2023

Teen mental health — mom and daughter hugging

Teen Mental Health: What You as a Parent Need to Know

Growing up has never been easy, but for families today, it can seem even more ...

July 28, 2022

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