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What Does “BTC” Mean? Roblox Slang for Parents In 2024

The Bark Team  |  November 07, 2022

graphic of roblox slang with lego-type character

**Note: This list was updated on January 4, 2024.**

The massively popular gaming platform known as Roblox has garnered lots of attention from parents — and we’ve taken notice! Our Roblox app review is one of our most popular posts to date. Parents in our Facebook group, Parenting in a Tech World, are always looking for more information to help navigate the world of Roblox. We've seen a ton of posts from concerned caregivers asking things “what does btc mean in roblox  … my kid won’t stop going on and on about it!” 

If you need a quick review of what Roblox is: Roblox is a gaming platform that has a wide breadth of experiences for anyone who joins. They can choose from literally millions of games to play and they can even build their own game. Roblox has even become a jumping-off point for many young aspiring coders. As it’s grown in popularity, it’s grown into an ever-expanding subculture within the world of gaming. Gaming culture in general can get confusing for parents, but Roblox is like another, deeper layer with its own language and rules that can be hard to make heads or tails of.

So that’s what this post is here to do — translate the Roblox slang and phrases that you hear your kid saying or see them typing when they play. That way you can stay in the loop and be sure your kid is gaming safely! 

ABC — This is actually not an acronym, but it’s a term used to initiate and confirm some sort of trade or task with another player. It’s mostly used in roleplaying games, like “Adopt Me”, to suggest what kind of roleplay two players might engage in. Ex. Player 1: “ABC to play as siblings?” Player 2: “ABC”

A/D or A/C — This is used when a player offers a trade to someone, meaning “accept or decline?” Players may also use A/C instead, meaning “accept or counter” so they can negotiate the trade as opposed to flat-out declining it. 

AFK – This stands for “away from keyboard,” which means that a player will be inactive for a few minutes.

Bacon — Insult for a newer, more inexperienced player.

Beamed — A term used to describe when someone gets scammed by another player in Roblox. 

Brick — This is a common material that players can build within Roblox. 

Brickbattle — Refers to combat games where players face off, either in teams or one-on-one, using a variety of weapons to destroy the other player(s). 

BTC — This acronym has two meanings. One stands for Bitcoin, as players can “mine” for Bitcoin in a game called Roblox Bitcoin Miner. The other meaning is simply “because they can.”

Bypass — Refers to any technique used to bypass the chat filters in Roblox. Roblox censors for things like bad or inappropriate language and numbers to prevent sharing of personal information like age and home address. However, Roblox users have come up with variations to get around these filters (some of the popular ones are noted in this glossary) 

Comped — short for compromised, this is used when a Roblox account has been hacked. 

“Cord”, “Kord”, “Deskord”, “Dis” — these are common filter bypasses that players use to talk about Discord. Discord is a popular messaging platform used among gamers. Roblox does not allow the word “Discord” to prevent strangers from asking kids to talk privately on a different platform. To get around this filter, players will use some variation of Discord, like the ones listed here, to convey what they’re talking about.

Devs — This stands for developers – the people who create and develop games in Roblox. 

Disco — Short for "Discord", the chat platform many Roblox players use to communicate.

Go commit — Short for "Go commit die", which is a variation of "Go kill yourself"

KS — Another filter bypass, which means “kiss” since the word is blocked by Roblox. 

Lua — This is a popular coding language that many beginners use when they start to build games in Roblox. It’s kid-friendly and can also be used outside of Roblox in other gaming programs. 

Noob — This is a universal gaming term that essentially means “beginner” or someone who is new to a game. More often than not it’s used somewhat insultingly by experienced gamers to point fingers at new players. 

Obby — This is an abbreviation for obstacles. Roblox offers a whole genre of games where players have to navigate through challenging and engaging obstacle courses. Players can even build their own “obbys” for other players to try out. 

Pwn/Pwned — This is another universal gaming term that means to completely defeat your opponent in a game or match. The word comes from “owned”, so you can think of it as “I totally owned you in that round!”

QDers — Another standard filter bypass that means “online daters”. Online dating, or finding a romantic or sexual partner in Roblox, is against their community guidelines which is why the phrase is blocked. Previously, players used the term “ODer,” but that also became blocked by Roblox. “QD” is the most recent variation used to get around the filters. 

Reeeeee — This term is used to express frustration or anger. Players will use this as a way to mimic screaming or screeching.  

Robux — A vital part of Roblox, this term refers to the in-game currency that players use to buy all sorts of things in the game. You can buy virtual clothing accessories, bonuses, access to certain games, and ads to promote any games you’ve built yourself. 

Tags (###) — If you see this in a chat, that means the player tried to type a word that is blocked by Roblox chat filters. 

Need More Help With Roblox Slang?

So there you have it – all the Roblox slang you need to know to keep up with the Roblox experts! No more asking “what does btc mean in Roblox” — at least until they come up with the next wave of strange words and phrases. 

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