Student Safety Beyond the Classroom With Lenovo’s LanSchool

Haley Zapal | July 09, 2020 | Bark for Schools Company News

With so much uncertainty surrounding the 2020 back-to-school season, thought leaders from Bark, Lenovo’s LanSchool, and Google for Education recently joined forces to hold a webinar addressing some of the common concerns affecting many schools across the U.S. Aimed at school administrators, the webinar presents educational technology solutions that will enable the best possible remote learning environment for students in the time of COVID-19.

We’ve summarized the key points of the webinar below, and you can watch the webinar in its entirety for free by clicking the button below.

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Optimizing Distance Learning

Even before the advent of the global pandemic, the reality of the classroom has been gradually changing. No longer solely brick-and-mortar spaces, classrooms are meeting places where learning can happen digitally — and even remotely. Coby Gurr, general manager of Lenovo Software, says that with LanSchool’s technology and classroom management software, students can learn in real time. This enables teachers to interact fully with students and pivot when needed — just as effectively as in a brick-and-mortar classroom.

Enhancing Student Safety and Wellness

Distance learning is a new challenge for school administrators, requiring them to reevaluate what student safety and wellness looks like beyond the four walls of the school, says Renee Abrams, school safety manager at Bark for Schools. As kids spend more time in a virtual environment, they’re exposed to even more online dangers and threats including violence, cyberbullying, and suicide-related behaviors.

With Bark for Schools’ advanced technology, schools can monitor student accounts and get alerts for potential issues. This provides both the opportunity to intervene in critical situations as well as to get a snapshot of what challenges might be affecting their student body as a whole.

Fostering Virtual Community

COVID-19 has disrupted the educational system in a way that has never been witnessed before in the U.S., isolating students from teachers, fellow classmates, and even the physical spaces where they’d grown accustomed to meeting. Amy Yu, regional manager of Google for Education says that Google is dedicated to helping schools, students, and teachers feel as connected as possible. This includes seamless video conferencing tools, live-streaming of school events, and on-demand lectures. Providing ways for students and teachers to engage, think, and learn together will create a beneficial and effective community for everyone.

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