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Risk: A Board Game Review For Parents

Updated August 22, 2023


Overall Rating: ⭐ 4.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 10 and up

If your family loves strategy games, then board game classic Risk should definitely be on the list for your next family game night.

Risk is a board game where the objective is simple: Conquer the world. The board is a map of the world and players can use their turn to take over territories, attack armies, and ultimately control the whole board. You can play with as many as six players and the recommended age is 10 and up. But if you want some more background before you order it on Amazon, we’ve got it all right here! 

Harmful Content ❗️


The premise of the game is based on war tactics and gaining power over territories. It’s not exactly a warm and fuzzy premise, but the game was undoubtedly made to be family-friendly. 

Parents will want to know that Risk is not a particularly fast-paced game — it can last a long time and get fairly competitive. Think Monopoly, but instead of real estate, it’s territories. Younger kiddos may get easily frustrated or simply bored with a game like this. It may not be everyone’s favorite, but that’s okay! 



There is no inappropriate language in Risk (aside from players that may have bad sportsmanship). 



There is no sexual content in Risk. 



Since the game is based on war, some parents may find this intense or inappropriate for some younger kids. The game itself doesn’t have any violent imagery or language. Ultimately, it’s up to your family’s personal values. 


Positive Value 💫


Risk is a great game to get everyone using their strategy and logic in order to win as many territories as possible. Players have to be determined and able to outwit the other players to get very far in this game. The challenge and competitiveness can easily get a group very animated! 

Also, parents may have a particular love for this game for nostalgic reasons. Risk has been on the market since 1959 and has been a fan favorite ever since! 


So, should my kid play it?

Yes, Risk is a classic strategy game that has been loved by many families for years!