Bark Phone vs Google Pixel 7

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Bark Phone vs Google Pixel 7
Bark built-in
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Bark is included in the phone’s price and comes built into the Bark Phone and can’t be deleted.
Google Pixel 7
Bark's monitoring and parental controls do not come built in to Pixels, but the Bark Premium app can be downloaded and used to help protect your child.
Child can't delete texts
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The Bark Phone doesn’t allow kids to delete texts without permission.
Google Pixel 7
Kids can delete messages on the device.
Automatic monitoring of many apps and social media platforms
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On the Bark Phone, Bark automatically monitors texts, Chrome, TikTok, Snapchat, Discord, WhatsApp, KIK, and more.
Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel phones don’t come with a monitoring tool.
Tamper-proof parental controls
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Kids can’t delete the settings you set.
Google Pixel 7
Kids often find workarounds for Google Family Link.
Sleek and modern design
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The Bark Phone is a Samsung A series.
Google Pixel 7
Google Pixels are regular smartphones.
Access to app store can be blocked OR allowed
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You can allow access to — or block — the app store at any time.
Google Pixel 7
Parents can set restrictions on Google Play Store for mature-rated apps. But there is no way to block access if needed.
Web browsers can be allowed OR blocked
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You can allow access to a web browser at any time — or block it. It’s up to you.
Google Pixel 7
Google Chrome is the web browser built into Google Pixel phones, but you can also download others. You cannot block access to web browsers.
Grows with child and allows you to add functionality and apps
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Nearly every setting on the Bark Phone is customizable, making it work for kids of any age. You can start off text and talk only and gradually add in apps and other features.
Google Pixel 7
A Pixel allows for some customization by parents, but is not nearly as robust as the Bark Phone.
Cell service included
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Unlimited talk and text is included with every Bark phone plan.
Google Pixel 7
Depends on your plan and carrier.
bark phone

Pricing & Details

Choose between $0 down and a 2-year contract or $199 down with no contract.

  • Bark Phone with USB-C charging cord
  • Comes with a subscription to Bark Premium for the entire family
  • Includes exclusive Bark Phone features like undeletable texts, location tracking, remote phone lock, and more
  • Free transfer of your kid's current phone number to the Bark Phone
  • Unlimited talk and text with data plans that fit your family’s needs
  • Free shipping
Starting at
$ 49 USD /mo

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Bark Phone FAQs

What type of phone is the Bark Phone?

The Bark Phone for kids is a Samsung A series. We purposely designed it so that it wouldn’t be recognizable as a “kiddie” phone. No one will know it’s a kid phone unless you tell them. Bark’s powerful parental controls are all internal — there’s no Bark branding, logos, or other tell-tales that would broadcast it as a kid’s phone. 

It comes with all the standard features of a Samsung phone.

Regardless of whether a parent has an iPhone or an Android, they will be able to manage the Bark Phone with no issues, so don’t worry about compatibility problems.

How much does the Bark Phone cost?

Bark offers families two convenient purchase options for your child’s Bark Phone — choose between $0 down and a 2-year contract or $199 down with no contract. We have four monthly service options to fit your needs:

  • $49/month for unlimited talk, text, and Wi-Fi only (no data)
  • $59/month for unlimited talk, text, and 4GB data
  • $69/month for unlimited talk, text, and 8GB data
  • $89/month for unlimited talk, text, and data1

Each phone plan comes with a Bark Premium subscription and will cover any other kids, devices, and accounts your family has. You won’t pay for an extra Bark subscription if you already have Bark Premium — we will adjust your plan and prorate the remaining amount left and apply it to the subscription.

1 After exceeding 35GB/month of data use, data speeds will be reduced for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle. After exceeding 50GB/month of data usage, data speeds may be reduced further and/or data connection may be turned off for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle.

How is a Bark Phone different from a phone with the Bark app?

The Bark Phone for kids is the result of years of experience in the online safety industry and real-life conversations with the people whose opinion counts the most: families raising kids with phones in the digital age. 

We’ve created a safe phone for kids that integrates Bark’s software seamlessly, resulting in a comprehensive and robust parental control experience.

It also comes with exclusive features that weren’t possible with just a downloadable app. The Bark Phone gives parents unprecedented oversight of their child’s online experience, including GPS-powered location tracking, call blocking, contact management, and automatic monitoring for texts and many apps and social media platforms. 

Its native controls are tamper-proof, providing parents with peace of mind that the rules they set stay in place. Bark can't be deleted, even if you factory reset it.

The best part of the Bark Phone? It grows with your child as they mature. For younger kids, you can keep the phone locked down with as little functionality as a flip phone. As they get older, you can add in additional freedoms, functionality, and apps — or scale back anytime boundaries are needed.

What does the Bark Phone come with?
  • USB-C charging cord
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • A data plan that fits your family’s needs
  • Bark Premium subscription for the Bark Phone as well as for all of the other devices and accounts in your family
What if I want to buy the Bark Phone but already have a Bark subscription?

If you already have a Bark Premium subscription, that’s okay! We will adjust your plan and prorate the remaining amount left and apply it to your Bark Phone subscription.

Is the Bark Phone available outside the U.S.?

Right now, the Bark Phone for kids is only available for families located in the U.S.

What apps are available for the Bark Phone?

You know your child best, which is why the Bark Phone gives you full control over the apps they can access. You can block every app that a Samsung A series could download, or you can allow them all — or somewhere in between, which is where most families will fall.

How is the Bark Phone different from other kids’ phones?

The Bark Phone is powered by the award-winning technology that made the Bark app a trusted name for families across the world. It’s the result of years of experience understanding what families need and want when it comes to having a safe phone for kids.

Secondly, we made it completely customizable, because every family — and kid — is different. For younger kids, you can make the Bark Phone work essentially like a non-smartphone. As they get older and become ready for more responsibility, you can add in functionality and access to web browsing, apps, social media, and more.

What is the Bark Phone return and refund policy?

After contacting Bark to cancel, you’ll receive instructions on how to send the Bark Phone back, along with free shipping.

Please package your Bark Phone and charging cord into a box or mailer, and use the shipping label to return the package at no cost. The package can be dropped off at any participating FedEx shipping facility.

If you have further questions you can contact us for help.

Get the only phone with Bark built in

Designed from the ground up with safety in mind, the Bark Phone will change the way you think about a kid’s phone.