Cyberbullying can happen
anywhere, anytime.

The Bully in Your Pocket


Unlike the schoolyard bullies of our generation, cyberbullies follow today’s kids wherever they can take their phone. In the first half of 2020 alone, Bark detected more than 165,000 instances of severe cyberbullying.

cyberbullying how to talk to kids

How To Talk About Cyberbullying

These facts and figures can be great conversation starters for talking with your kid about cyberbullying. Read on to learn more.

cyberbullying what to do if your child bullies

What To Do If Your Child Bullies

 It can be hard to address bullying behaviors — especially when they’re coming from your child. Here’s what you need to know.

anti-cyberbullying tech contract

Anti-Cyberbullying Tech Contract

 Use this tech contract to promote kindness online and set clear expectations around device use. Print it out and put it on your fridge!

The number of middle and high school kids who reported experiencing cyberbullying rose by 17% between 2007-2019.


— Cyberbullying Research Center

Learn More About Cyberbullying

We’ve put together some helpful blog posts so your family can get a better understanding of what cyberbullying is and what you can do to prevent it.

cyberbullying more resources
Cyberbullying warning signs

6 Cyberbullying Warning Signs

1 in 5 young people report having skipped school because of cyberbullying.



— UNICEF U-Report (2019)

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