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Why Choose Bark Home?

It’s super fast on home networks

Bark Home supports high speeds of 1Gbps — an upgrade from the 100 Mbps of Router Limits Mini.

Compatible with most popular home routers

Check to see if your router will support Bark Home here.

Works with Bark app for all-in-one coverage

Bark Premium is an app that helps you monitor and manage cell phones and tablets on the go in addition to your home devices.

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Key Bark Home Features

Cover Every Device

Set Custom Schedules

Pause the Internet

Create Automatic Bedtimes

Block Apps and Games

Filter Websites

Supports High Speeds

Mandatory SafeSearch

Works With Most Routers

How It Works


Plug It In

This small device connects to your Wi-Fi router and enables you to manage all the internet-connected devices in your house.

Step 2

Add Devices & Kids

From smart TVs and gaming consoles to phones and tablets, you’re in charge of deciding what your kids can access online and when.


Set Limits

Set daily schedules, including bedtime, school time, and free time. You can also choose which websites are allowed or blocked on every device.

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