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How to Set Up Fortnite Parental Controls

**This tech guide was updated December 13, 2023.**

Fortnite parental controls can make your child's gaming experience safer and friendly — though there are still dangers you should watch out for, like predation.

Fortnite is a brilliant mashup of creative building and third-person shooting action. Fortnite is available on PlayStations and Xbox One, as well as Windows and Mac. The popular multiplayer version of the game, Battle Royale, has taken the world by storm, with about 80 million people currently enjoying the action-packed adventure.

An internet connection is required to play the game, and when your child plays Fortnite, they can instantly connect with people around the globe. The game is rated “T for Teen” due to some violence (gunfire, explosions, swords, etc.)

Fortnite is a very social game, as kids can play against their friends or players from across the world. YouTube and Twitch gamers have contributed to the game’s popularity by streaming their gameplay and amusing antics. The most popular gaming mode, Battle Royale, also happens to be free (with in-app purchases available).

The Dangers of Fortnite

Addictive playing

To some parents, the absence of blood in Fortnite makes the game less of a concern than other shooting games. But there's still the matter of how obsessed kids will get with games like these — they're purposely designed to be addictive. Kids may start avoiding other social activities, disregarding school assignments, and losing sleep if left to their own devices. Be sure to put time limits on your child's playing — which is also something that Bark can help with thanks to our screen time tool.

Chat and predators

The online chat element opens the door to inappropriate language and contact with strangers, which is always a danger for kids — especially when predators may pretend to be another child. No app with chat is 100% safe for kids, which is something we stress at Bark.

How to Set Fortnite Parental Controls

Fortnite has fairly extensive in-game parental controls, which is a breath of fresh air considering how many apps and games don’t. Even better, you can set a code to password-protect your changes. From the settings menu in-game, you can: 

  • Toggle off mature language from appearing in chat
  • Disable friend requests
  • Set your child’s name to “anonymous” to non-squad members
  • Replace the names of non-squad members with “player”
  • Disable voice chat
  • Disable text chat
  • Require a PIN to add friends

In addition to in-game settings, parental controls on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation give you even more options, like whether to allow access to multiplayer gaming.

How Bark Can Help

Bark also provides support for Fortnite families worried about online dangers. We're here to help you keep your kid safe by allowing you to:

  • Block Fortnite entirely, if needed.
  • Manage when your child can play Fortnite throughout the day.

Start your free trial today to help protect your child on Fortnite.

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