Is TikTok Shutting Down? Here Are Some Alternatives To Watch Out For

Haley Zapal | August 18, 2020 | Culture & Media Kids and Technology

If you’re like many parents, you’ve probably heard from your kids that TikTok might be shutting down in the coming weeks. An executive order was recently issued stating that if Microsoft or another American company doesn't buy the U.S. portion of the Chinese-owned app by September 15, TikTok will no longer be available to American users.

Your kids are probably not too happy about this news, as TikTok has become one of the most popular apps for teens and tweens today. But there are many other apps that serve a similar purpose. The Bark team has assembled some of the more common ones your kids may find.

And as with every video-sharing social media app, the dangers are much the same for each of these options, including exposure to inappropriate content and potential communication with strangers.

Instagram Reels

Remember how Instagram copied the concept of Stories from Snapchat a few years back? Well, now they’ve done the same thing with Reels, their take on TikTok’s videos-set-to-music idea. The Reels app — accessible from within Instagram, like Stories —  allows users to create 15-second videos (shorter than TikTok’s 60-second max), add text and edit them, and then share them with their followers. This is where Reels may actually have a leg up on TikTok — when you share with your existing Instagram followers, you have a built-in audience for your content.


While it seems that TikTok has become the replacement for the beloved-but-now-defunct Vine, Byte may actually be closer to the O.G. Vine. Plus, it was even developed by Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman, so Byte knows the short-video space well and what people want. With this app, users can shoot 6-second videos, edit and add music, and share them to their feed. It’s very similar to TikTok in functionality, but the cadence is much quicker and the feel more minimalist thanks to the length restriction.


This app copies TikTok in two main ways: it was also developed in China, and it’s a complete clone (button-for-button the same experience as TikTok). You may recognize it for being in the news recently for allegedly “paying users” to create accounts and watch videos. There have also been reports of content being stolen and reposted to Zynn. While it seems that it’s a possible alternative to TikTok right now, it’s so similar that it may be next on the chopping block next if it gains steam.


Dubsmash has been around since 2016, having first gained recognition as a lip-syncing app. But like TikTok, it now features videos of dances, cooking, and countless other activities. Dubsmash users can make 10-second videos — choosing audio from movies, music, internet trends, and more — and share them to a TikTok-similar “For You Page” so others can watch.


Triller is moving fast and angling hard to become the go-to TikTok alternative. Heavily relying on influencers to get TikTok users to make the switch, Triller is a similar video editing and sharing platform, though it prides itself on the video quality of its technology. On August 2, 2020, Triller leaped to the number one spot in app downloads in 50 countries across the globe, indicating that it may be poised for some amount of success.

No matter what new video apps rise to the forefront (and as we’ve seen, there always seems to be new ones popping up), Bark can help give you peace of mind by alerting you whenever your children download a new app. You can see what your kids have downloaded — as well as when, helping you to better understand what your kids are getting into online.

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