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Top 10 Kid Friendly Youtubers for Kids

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Social Media Monitoring

Help your child make the most out of YouTube by recommending smarter options for them to view. Parents of teenage kids can recommend some kid friendly YouTubers who upload high-quality and educational fun content. For younger kids check out the YouTube kids app. While it is made up of children-targeted content, it’s best to supervise young kids while they use it. Some ads and even videos with adult content slip through the filtering process. However, with these Top 10 YouTubers for kids, you and your child can engage in some fun and/or educational content on YouTube.

1. Dude Perfect

The Dude Perfect channel uploads videos that inspire young ones a great deal. It is controlled by Youtubers, Cory and Coby Cotton, Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones. The team is a sports entertainment group made up of former high school and college friends. They have over 25 million subscribers and over 4.2 billion views. If your child is sports or comedy inclined have them check it out. It is ideal for children of all ages but can especially be fun for teens and tweens. Remind younger kids that these are adults doing fun stunts and they shouldn’t be tried at home.

2. DanTDM (Daniel Middleton)

This English YouTube personality is a favorite for kids who love games. While he initially focused on Minecraft, Dan now covers many games on his channel. Occasionally the games he plays include violence and are not suitable for a younger viewing audience. DanTDM has over 16 million subscribers and 10.7 billion views.

3. Hank and John Green

With over 15 YouTube channels in the Green Portfolio, these brothers have become popular in the online world. They cover a range of things from sci-fiction videos to the storytelling. All their videos are children friendly and educational. Some channels and videos may be more geared for teens then younger kids.

4. Nerdy Nummies By Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino runs what is now one of the most popular cooking YouTube channels available online, Nerdy Nummies. The cooking series is inspirational and can be recommended to inspire kitchen creativity in children. Pansino is bubbly and a joy to watch. Since Pansino is a sponsored show you may need to remind your kids that they do not need every gadget she is using to make cool baked goods.

5. StudioC

This is a sketch comedy channel that uploads videos several times a week. Their videos are fun and children friendly with no curse words or swearing involved. Their videos are full of fun parodies of pop culture, silly songs, and even live broadcasts.

6. EthanGamerTV

Your kids will certainly love Ethan since he’s also a kid. Children may relate more to children posting videos than they would to adults. Ethan mainly plays Roblox, Minecraft and mobile games on his iPad. His channel is about having fun while playing video games, and that makes him fun to watch! Plus, his parents monitor the channel and help him communicate with his followers.

7. SquiddyPlays

This is another cool channel for children who love games. The games aren’t just for fun, but they help stretch your child’s mind by improving their reasoning skills. He does play first person shooter games, so his videos may be more suitable for older kids.

8. Guava Juice By Roi Wassabi

This channel by Roi Wassabi is the idea channel for educating children in entertaining ways. Roi uploads videos on a daily basis. Wassabi’s videos include fun challenges, interesting experiments, silly DIY items, and sometime gaming videos.

9. EvanTube HD

This is an ideal family-friendly show that every member of your family can enjoy. They post everything from food challenges to toy challenges. The Evan family is often all involved in each episode. Evan and his sister Jillian make a great duo dynamic.

10. Bethany Mota

This is for older children, tweens and teens. The channel has over 7 million active subscribers, and the videos are mainly about lifestyle tips. Bethany posts videos describing what she bought and tips on how to use it. Her channel is mainly about beauty, fashion, and, shopping tips for everyone. She makes her videos in her beautiful and colorful bedroom. She even has some cool DIY videos that can help bring out the creativity in her viewers.

Kid Friendly YouTube is Fun to Watch Together

Whether you have a teenager or a digital-aged kid, recommending a fun and educative YouTube channels to your child is a good way to keep them engaged in up-building activities. For younger kids it’s always best to direct their video viewing and to even sit down beside them and discuss what they are watching.

Kid friendly YouTube can be a wonderful place full of educational and motivational videos. But it’s open platform with limited internal monitoring means that for younger kids you should be watching with them and for older kids you should be using a monitoring tool for their YouTube account. Bark monitors the videos your child posts, comments made to those videos, and new videos posted to your child’s user and channel subscriptions. Bark can also monitor YouTube views and searches on connected Android or Amazon devices (we’re still working on adding this feature for Apple devices).

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