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Addicted to video games header image - boy playing video game

How to Spot Your Child’s Video Game Addiction

For years, video games have dominated the free time of young people. And in 2023, ...

March 14, 2023

kid on his computer, emoji eyes and safety sticker around him

5 Tips to Protect Kids From Digital Eye Strain

Between computer screens, smartphones and TV, American teens spend an average of nine  hours a ...

February 17, 2023

girl doing yoga, smart phone in cancel symbol

Is Digital Detoxing a Myth?

Have you started to feel like your family is a little too dependent on technology? ...

January 31, 2023

person standing on a scale

Obesity in Children: How Does the Digital Age Affect It?

Between phones, laptops, and TV, it’s never been easier to be entertained and to connect ...

January 19, 2023

two kids looking at a phone - first cell phone header image

First Phone For Kids: When Is Your Child Ready?

Nowadays, this is a question every parent has to ask at some point. Sometimes, the ...

December 19, 2022

Instagram post featuring make-up influencer: social media influencers impact on youth

Social Media Influencers’ Impact on Youth Today

How does social media affect teens? Social media is a big part of everyday life ...

November 02, 2022

block websites header of laptop with "no" symbol

Why Schools Block Websites — and Why You Should, Too

Ever wonder about the safeguards your child’s school puts in place for online activities? Many ...

September 28, 2022

back to school screen with girl holding up board of details

Back To School Safety: 3 Quick Ways to Help Protect Your Child’s Privacy

It’s that time of year again! Picture it: the smell of brand new school supplies, ...

August 16, 2022

How The Facetune App May Be Harmful to Kids

Today, tons of platforms have built-in filters and photo editing tools, but one app helped ...

March 18, 2022

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

Tons of new apps, platforms, and technologies have created opportunities for kids. They can meet ...

January 28, 2022