How Bark Works for Families

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Alerts help keep your kids safe

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Get alerts when there’s something you might need to know about.

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You can see more details by reviewing each issue.

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We offer tips and recommendations for handling the situation.

Bark monitors their online activities for signs of danger

Bark works quietly in the background of your child’s devices, keeping an eye out for concerning online activities. This includes a wide range of potential issues, including cyberbullying, adult content, sexual predators, drug use, depression, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, and more.

Our advanced technology doesn’t just look for specific keywords, either — it understands messages in context and can tell the difference between a joke and something more serious. You can also control the level of monitoring by adjusting the sensitivity of what Bark detects to match the needs of your family.

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Connect their accounts to get started

You can connect their accounts as soon as you sign up! To get started, you’ll need to have your kid’s usernames and passwords handy, so it’s helpful to invite them into the process. This is a great opportunity to talk to them about the benefits of Bark — we’ve put together some talking points to help you start the conversation.

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