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Pinterest For Kids: What Parents Need to Know

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Social Media Monitoring

Is Pinterest for kids? Unfortunately, like most social media apps, Pinterest has its dark side. When you know what your child has the potential to get into, you can make the best choices on your Pinterest monitoring.

Pinterest seems like one of the safest social media sites available. Instead of communicating with one another directly, Pinterest encourages users to save images and links that are interesting to them for future use. How much trouble could your teen get into browsing pictures of work out ideas?

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What You Need to Know About Pinterest for Kids

As a parent, make sure you’re familiar with what Pinterest really looks like — and how to keep your child from landing in trouble.

1. Pinterest isn’t private

Children will use their real name when they create account. They can also link it back to their Facebook account. This mean that anyone — including future employers or potential colleges — can easily see the types of images your child has been pinning.

2. Images that glamorize self-harm are more prevalent than you think

While Pinterest expressly disallows the glorification of self-harm or suicide, such images still exist. In many cases, the reason users initially pinned them (as a prevention strategy, for example) are different from the reason someone repurposed it. Pinterest may also take time to block inappropriate new images. This window creates an opportunity that your child will be exposed to such images before they are removed.

3. Mature content is a serious concern

Pornography is incredibly easy to access online, and due to its highly visual nature, it makes a perfect pin. Sexually explicit content intended as pornography is against the Pinterest rules and regulations. However, those regulations do not prohibit pornography from making its way onto the site. A search of “xxx Porn” immediate display graphic nudity.

4. Your child has little control over much of the content they view

While they can choose to search for specific types of images, they can be exposed to a wide range they didn’t intend to see. Sometimes the Pinterest algorithm itself is the source of exposure. Your child may not be able to avoid certain types of content after searching for it even once.

5. Pinterest images can glorify anorexia and other eating disorders

They may also help present an unrealistic view of the human body. Many users who struggle with self-esteem issues or eating disorders may be triggered when exposed to this type of content.

6. Pins lead to other sites that may be inappropriate

Pinterest contains a wide range of links that lead away from its site. If you child follows these links, they can access inappropriate content or viruses. It’s important that your child learns how to engage in safe browsing.

monitoring pinterest

Pinterest Monitoring

It’s important for parents to monitor their child’s Pinterest page to see what they’re pinning, who they’re following, and what type of content they’re viewing. Unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere at once — but that’s where Bark comes in! Bark will keep an eye on your child’s Pinterest account, monitoring:

  • Your child’s profile
  • The images they pin
  • Descriptions of their images

When you know what your child is pinning, you empower yourself to identify any issues. That way you can talk with them about why they’re attracted to certain types of content. In some cases, monitoring Pinterest for your kids may warn you about self-harm or eating disorders before they become more serious.

By using Bark, you’ll get greater peace of mind and a higher level of comfort as your child uses a wide range of social media platforms–including Pinterest. 

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