screen grab of Emma Chamberlain's videos

Emma Chamberlain: A YouTuber Review For Parents

Updated April 4, 2024


Overall Rating: ⭐ 3.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 14 and up

Emma Chamberlain is, for all intents and purposes, your typical Gen Z girl. She loves coffee, shopping, and at-home hair dye sessions. She started making vlogs as a 16-year-old doing thrift hauls and day-in-my-lif” videos. Her relatable charm quickly garnered attention, along with her unique editing style which started a new trend in the YouTube vlogging world. 

Today, she has over 12 million subscribers, is the latest face of Lancôme cosmetics, and has her own brand of coffee. She’s producing her own podcast and just generally reaching new heights in her creative career. 

If you have a young teen who loves fashion and travel and has a witty sense of humor, they’d likely love Emma’s videos. Or perhaps they’re already one of Emma’s biggest fans. Either way, we laid out everything you can expect from this popular YouTuber!

Harmful Content ❗️


Emma’s videos are not always the most eventful — except when she’s interviewing celebrities at the Met Gala or going to Paris Fashion Week. Usually it’s just her going about her day, whether it’s a “get ready with me” video or a travel vlog. In older videos, she would do collab videos with other popular YouTubers like James Charles and the Dolan Twins. 

Her more recent videos don’t feature as many special guests, though she films a lot with her dad. So, in general, the content is fairly harmless. 

Some parents may not love the level of materialism in Emma’s vlogs. Much of Emma’s activity revolves around what she is shopping for, not to mention the times she’s encouraging viewers to shop from her own store. It’s not as extreme as other YouTubers with constant plugs for her products, but the theme of consumerism is prevalent in her videos. 



Emma and her friends do swear pretty frequently in her videos. Mostly F-bombs, “B**ch”, and “sh*t”. Sometimes they’re censored, but this is often not the case.



Emma’s videos do not have any explicit sexual content. Luckily her humor is not generally sexual, but every now and then there’s a sexual innuendo. 



There is no violence in Emma’s vlogs.

Positive Value 💫


While Emma’s videos are not necessarily educational or formative, they’re certainly entertaining. For many kids, they can find comfort in her down-to-earth personality. Her videos easily make viewers feel like they’re just spending time with a close friend, no matter how big or small the adventure is.

Additionally, Emma is a highly creative person, which is evident in everything from her clothes to her editing style. Many kids can learn from Emma’s example to lean into their ideas and create the things they want to see in the world. As such a young entrepreneur, Emma can inspire kids to take risks in order to do the things they love.

So, should my kid watch it?

Emma Chamberlain’s videos are appropriate for around ages 14 and up. This is one YouTube channel where parents don’t have to worry about super inappropriate or explicit content — it mostly depends on how you feel about swearing and if you prefer more educational content.