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The Princess Diaries: A Movie Review For Parents

Updated July 5, 2023


Overall Rating: ⭐ 4.5 / 5

Recommended Age: 7

The Princess Diaries isn’t your average Disney princess movie, but it’s still a classic for many!  It’s not exactly a fairy tale story, as it includes all the hardships of royalty and navigating high school. But it’s a story with a lot of heart and strong female leads (played by the likes of Ann Hathaway and the queen herself, Julie Andrews). 

This is a great film for young kids to imagine what becoming a princess might be like in real life. But let’s gather the details before we press play! 

Harmful Content ❗️


Besides the sudden claim to royalty, Mia deals with all the same challenges every teenager does. She gets teased by other kids and she gets into an argument with her best friend. The story also hits on some serious notes. Mia’s parents got divorced and her father passed away. This may be a sensitive area for kids who have had similar experiences. 



The Princess Diaries doesn’t have any profanity for parents to be concerned about. The worst you might hear is “shut up” — but of course, Queen Clarisse discourages a princess from using such language. 



There are a couple of short kissing scenes between two teenagers. 



This movie has no violent scenes. There is a minor car crash but there are no injuries or serious damage.

Positive Value 💫


Mia is a relatable character who struggles to find confidence in things like debate class and then running an entire country. While most of us can only relate to the former, the story shows how Mia realizes her full potential, which is an important lesson for kids as they are growing up and taking on more responsibilities. And Mia is a great example to follow, as she always remains humble and kind to everyone she meets. 

Queen Clarisse and Mia develop a close relationship. Queen Clarisse is encouraging and caring, but always reminds Mia of all that she is capable of. She is patient and understanding when Mia makes mistakes. Kids can learn a lot from both Mia and the Queen about compassion and finding confidence!

So, should my kid watch it?

Yes! This is a great, wholesome movie to watch on your next family movie night.