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The Super Mario Bros. Movie: A Movie Review For Parents

Updated May 28, 2024


Overall Rating: ⭐ 5.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 7 and up

For decades now, Mario and Luigi have been beloved childhood video game characters for both us and our kids. So it only made sense to make a brand-new full-motion picture dedicated to the dynamic duo! 

The Super Mario Bros. Movie begins with Mario and Luigi as real-world plumbers trying to get their business up and running in Brooklyn, New York. Then, they get magically transported to the Mushroom Kingdom, complete with talking toads and monkeys and Princess Peaches herself. When the brothers get separated, it becomes up to Mario and his newfound friends to save Luigi from the ruthless and powerful Bowser.  

This is no doubt a classic, feel-good adventure kids movie, along the lines of Shrek or Wreck-It Ralph. And with a stellar cast including Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and more, we can tell you this is a delightful movie to enjoy with the family! But first, it’s never a bad idea to get some background before you press play with the kids. So let’s jump in! 

Harmful Content ❗️


There is very little harmful content to note in this movie. Some kids movies like to slide in some adult humor or innuendos that go over kid’s heads (Shrek is a prime example) but that’s not the angle this movie takes. Humor is mostly silly and innocent.

There are some themes that are not harmful but perhaps more understandable — and even relatable — to adults. Mario and Luigi struggle with common adult problems before they’re transported to the Mushroom Kingdom. Things like having a difficult former boss and a family that is critical of the business. Both Mario and Donkey Kong express never feeling like enough for their fathers. Some of these may not be fully grasped by the younger audience, but it won’t stop them from enjoying the movie. 



There’s no adult language. There is some name-calling between characters (Mario and Donkey Kong in particular have an interesting frenemy relationship), but nothing too explicit for young ears. 



There is no sexual content. Part of the movie involved Bowser wanting to marry Peaches so that together, their kingdom could rule the world. He even threatens to hurt Toad unless she agrees to marry him. There are also some scenes of interest between Mario and Peaches, but this is not a major plot point of the movie. 



The movie opens with tyrannical Bowser defeating the penguin army and storming the castle to steal the Super Star. This scene, along with some others throughout the movie, has some intense imagery and thundering music. Bowser is portrayed as menacing and intimidating (but he is also portrayed as a hopeless romantic in other scenes). In general, it’s not too scary for most kids, but may spook some younger or more sensitive viewers.

Positive Value 💫


The Super Mario Bros. Movie has two major themes to look out for: the importance of tenacity and loyalty. 

Throughout the movie, Mario’s character is marked by his unwillingness to give up. From the beginning when he has complete faith in their plumbing business, all the way to the end when it’s time to defeat Bowser, Mario displays great resilience. Other characters display similar courageous traits, including Princess Peaches who represents a strong and honest leader of the Toads. 

Mario and Luigi’s loyalty to each other is the true heart of the duo, as they spend the whole movie trying to get back to each other. Throughout the movie, both Mario and Luigi say “As long as we’re together, everything is gonna be okay!” It’s clear to the audience that having a friendship like theirs is worth fighting for no matter what, which can teach kids a lot about valuing such relationships. 

So, should my child watch it?

Absolutely! The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a super kid-friendly and thrilling movie to watch for the whole family.