Help Protect Kids. Earn Commissions.

Bark’s affiliate program is a great way to promote online safety for the children in your community while earning revenue for each signup.

Illustration of kids using their phones and listening to music.

Join an Affiliate Program With Heart

Use your influence for good

Introduce Bark to families who can benefit from our award-winning service.

Make a profit

Earn money every time someone signs up for Bark with your referral code.

Protect kids

Play a key role in helping to keep kids safe online and in real life.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose the appropriate classification for your organization. This classification will determine how you are paid for your services.

Affiliate Program

I am:

  • An affiliate/SEO professional
  • A social media influencer
  • A community organization
  • A school PTO/PTA
  • A non-profit
  • In another non-technical field
  • An integrator or A/V installer

I want to promote Bark and earn a commission on signups.

Bark will manage all billing of customers.

Service Provider Program

I am:

  • An ISP/TelCo company
  • A wireless carrier
  • A managed service provider (MSP)
  • A security/alarm company
  • Another provider with subscribers

I want to provide my subscribers with Bark in exchange for payment.

Bark will invoice me for my customer’s usage.