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Is Locket Widget Safe? A Locket Widget App Review for Parents

Overall Rating:
⭐ 4.5 / 5


Overall Rating: ⭐ 4.5 / 5

Recommended Age: 8

Locket Widget is an app that got lots of attention in 2022 — and it’s cause kids claim it’s a safer alternative to Snapchat. Essentially, it uses the widget feature of smartphones to send pictures back and forth that will appear on the home screen. And if you’re a little fuzzy on what a widget is, it works like a shortcut for certain apps on your home screen, showing you just the essential information without having to tap into the app. For instance, the Weather App widget will just display the current temperature in your area. 

For Locket, your friends can send you pictures that will display on the Locket widget on your home screen, and vice versa. Locket says users get to keep up with their friends in real-time this way. Here’s another way to think about it: it has instant communication with close friends like Snapchat, combined with the “in-the-moment” feel of BeReal

If you’re not sold on it yet, we totally get it. But based on our research — Locket presents some interesting features that do make it a better option than Snapchat. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s potentially a good fit for your child. Keep reading for all the details parents are asking for!

Harmful Content 😲


There’s not much in terms of harmful content on Locket Widget — which is huge! A big part of this is the fact that users are only allowed to add up to 20 friends, keeping it small and intimate. Additionally, there’s no public feed where kids could see what anyone is posting. This means the biggest risk comes from the friends your kid decides to add. They could send something inappropriate, or perhaps more likely, cyberbullying could take place. 

Predation 🚨


The risk of predation is also very low, due to the lack of a public feed and the limited number of friends your child can have. Not to mention the fact that friends can only be added through your contact list. So strangers can’t add your child, they’d have to have their phone number in order to do so. 

Positive Value 💙


Lots of parents have found Locket to be a healthy and safe alternative for social media. Kids nowadays use social media to connect, but it comes at a high risk. Locket seems to allow kids to connect without those risks, which can help strengthen their friendships and not feel so left out of the social media scene. 

Privacy 🔒


The biggest risk on Locket is in the area of privacy. In the terms of service of the app, you’ll find a section that states Locket has rights to all photos shared on the app. And they can use the photos for any purpose, in any way they want. There haven’t been reports of Locket using their saved photos for anything concerning, but some parents consider it too big a risk for their kids to use it. 

Parental Controls ✅


Locket does not have any parental controls built into the app, but this is a rare case where strict parental controls aren’t needed as much as other apps. Even so, Bark can give you the extra support you need to feel confident in your child’s Locket experience! With Bark, you can:

  • Block Locket Widget entirely, if needed. 
  • Manage when your child can use Locket Widget throughout the day. 
  • Receive an alert if your child tries to download Locket Widget.

So, should my kid download it?

Potentially! If you’re looking for an alternative or introduction to social media, Locket could be the answer. But at the end of the day, you know your child best and what they can handle. 

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