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11 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Bark’s recommendations for top educational YouTube channels | May 11, 2021

Big tech can’t keep our kids safe, so the platforms need to at least make it easier for parents to protect their children online

The biggest challenges our kids face — rising teen/tween suicide, mental health issues, online predators, and bullying — are all buried within the content of their messages

Business Insider | April 7, 2021

Zuckerberg confirms Instagram for kids plans at Congressional hearing on misinformation

More details on one of the most controversial tech offerings for kids with Bark’s Chief Parenting Officer.

USA Today | March 25, 2021

Instagram is Making a Kids’ App.

Hear from Bark’s Chief Parenting Expert, Titania Jordan on safety concerns surrounding the introduction of “social media, Jr” apps such as Instagram for Kids.

The Washington Post | March 24, 2021

“Not your kid?” Think again.

Bark’s experts weigh in on common warning signs that your child is being groomed online on this nationally syndicated radio show.

The Bert Show | March 22, 2021

Instagram for Kids? Facebook explores creating a platform for users under 13

Hear what the experts at Bark have to say about a potential new social media platform for young kids.

USA Today | March 18, 2021

Growing up on Screens: How a Year Lived Online has Changed our Children

Washington Post | March 5, 2021

Dangerous Phone Apps: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Parents, be on the lookout for some trending apps that are cause for concern..

ABC 12 Flint, MI | March 4, 2021

Schools, Parents, Increase Online Security for Students Learning Virtually

How are schools and parents keeping students safe online as they multiply their hours in front of a computer screen? Bark as a recommended safety tool.

KATV Little Rock, AR | March 3, 2021

From Pinterest to Fitbit, No App Is Truly Kid-Safe. Here’s What Families Can Do

Wall Street Journal | January 30, 2021