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Summer fun with screen time Bark App Updates

Limit Screen Time With Bark’s Brand-New Feature To Schedule The Most Summer Fun

Haley Zapal  |  June 29, 2021

At Bark, we’re constantly working to make our product better and more useful for families. After listening to some recent feedback from customers, we’re thrilled to announce the rollout of our new custom scheduling features to help limit screen time! These tools will give you greater (and more precise!) control over your children’s screen time. Now, you can make sure your kids have summer fun while also setting healthy boundaries around tech use.

How To Limit Screen Time For Kids: Introducing Daily Schedules

In the past, our scheduling enabled you to set different rules for weekdays and weekends. But not every school day looks the same! Baseball practice, band rehearsal, even block scheduling at your child’s school meant that more fine-tuning was needed. Now, you can completely customize daily schedules for all of your kids — right down to the minute to help limit screen time.

Screen time grid

Limit Screen Time Rules Quickly and Easily 

Life with a teen or tween can be a little unpredictable, so it only makes sense that a tool to limit screen time should be flexible enough to handle last-minute surprises like forgotten homework assignments. Now, with just the tap of a button, you can switch your child’s screen time rules to whatever makes the most sense for that moment in time — like an extra half hour of Spotify by the pool! You can choose from default rules, school rules, free time rules, and bedtime rules for each day of the week. Every day can look similar or completely different — it’s up to you!

Screen time rules

Say Hello to On-the-Go Web Filtering for Chromebooks

Previously, on-the-go web filtering was only available for Android and iOS devices. But many kids take their Chromebooks everywhere — which is why we now enable on-the-go web filtering for Chromebooks. No matter where your kid sets up their laptop to watch videos, chat, or just surf the web, they’ll be safer. 

How To Limit Screen Time For Kids: Screen Time Ideas for Summer Fun

Screen time during the summer doesn’t have to mean endless scrolling on Instagram and YouTube. With Bark’s new screen time features, you can make sure your kids are still getting summer fun while exercising their brains when they’re online. Our Camp Bark blog post has some excellent ideas to keep kids occupied in productive ways this summer. We’ve also got tons of ideas for apps that kids will actually love — including ones that you can try out for a throwback ’90s day:

  • Gather the crew and head out west on the Oregon Trail. Good luck fording those rivers!
  • Flex those language skills and play a rousing game of Mad Libs.
  • Brew up a batch of delicious, neon-green homemade Ecto Cooler.
  • Take a tour of the real-life Titanic to learn about its passengers and structure. 
  • Have a ’90s themed media day: listen to some old CDs, watch ’90s movies, and listen to ’90s playlists on Spotify. We recommend boy bands, grunge, and hip-hop!

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