Kids and Technology

gaming controller with yellow background

The Best Game Console for Kids: What Is It?

Looking for the best game console for kids? The answer depends on a variety of ...

February 01, 2023

"What is a furry?"header image with two pink furry creatures

What Is a Furry? And Other FAQs for Parents

If you’ve ever seen a person out in public dressed up like a cartoon animal ...

January 05, 2023

Best apps for kids — illustrations of icons

Apps Kids & Parents Will Love on Their New Bark Phone

As a parent, finding the right balance between screen time and other activities can be ...

December 23, 2022

two kids looking at a phone - first cell phone header image

When Is Your Kid Ready for Their First Cell Phone?

Nowadays, this is a question every parent has to ask at some point. Sometimes, the ...

December 19, 2022

Kid holding Bark Phone

5 Reasons the Bark Phone Is Great for Kids

It’s safe to say that the team here at Bark is pretty proud of the ...

December 09, 2022

Holiday gifts for kids

2022’s Top Holiday Gifts for Kids

It’s that time of year again and Bark is here to deliver what you’ve been ...

November 23, 2022

Bark kid's phone vs app

The Bark Kid’s Phone: How It’s Different from the Bark App

Some phones are built for adults. Some phones are built for kids. But the Bark ...

November 10, 2022

graphic of roblox slang with lego-type character

What Does “BTC” Mean? Roblox Slang for Parents In 2023

**Note: This list was updated on January 25, 2023.** The massively popular gaming platform known ...

November 07, 2022

Instagram post featuring make-up influencer: social media influencers impact on youth

Social Media Influencers’ Impact on Youth Today

Social media is a big part of everyday life for adults, but it's also becoming ...

November 02, 2022

video sharing app icons: Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube

The Video Sharing Apps Your Child Is Probably Using

Viral TikToks. YouTube how-to instructions. Highlights from football games. What do these all have in ...

September 12, 2022

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