teen girl looking in the mirror, sad face and broken heart emoji

Recognizing the Signs of Disordered Eating in Teens

In today’s age of airbrushed influencers and celebrities with perfect bodies crafted by personal trainers, ...

February 29, 2024

health app icons with colorful background

5 Must-Have Health Apps for Teens 

Most teenagers have a lot on their plate — never-ending school assignments, extracurriculars, part-time jobs, ...

February 22, 2024

illustrated flip phone with warning sign next to it

Burner Phones 101: What Parents Should Know

If you’ve ever watched a movie featuring a character that throws away a cheap cell ...

February 21, 2024

Ask Titania: Is There a Way to Slowly Work Up to Social Media?

Dear Titania, My 14-year-old doesn’t have any social media (we want to wait as long ...

February 16, 2024

kid looking at his phone, illustrated lock to symbolize privacy

Bark’s Unique Approach to Your Child’s Privacy

It’s a simple fact of nature: Kids will eventually want more privacy as they get ...

February 14, 2024

illustration of girl having her picture taken

How to Talk About Deepfakes with Your Child

Deepfakes — or computer-generated videos of humans with real or partly real features — are a growing ...

February 08, 2024

different kids all texting on their phones

Five Things Parents Need to Know About Group Chats

We can all probably agree that group chats are one of the most convenient parts ...

February 08, 2024

Ask Titania: Am I a Horrible Parent for Relying on Screens Sometimes?

Dear Titania, The other evening, my husband and I were just absolutely exhausted after grueling ...

February 02, 2024

two teen girls doing face masks

Exploring the Rise of Skin Care Routines for Tweens

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, our choices for skin care products were pretty limited — stinging ...

January 30, 2024

8 Eye-Opening Stats from Bark’s 2023 Annual Report

Every year, we analyze how often kids encounter or engage in concerning conversations. Last year, ...

January 26, 2024

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