Internet Safety Tips

roblox character with frowning expression

The Top 5 Hidden Dangers of Roblox

Roblox is one of the most popular online games in the world, beloved by kids ...

March 28, 2023

girl on her phone, illustrated text bubbles around her

The Social Repercussions of Teens Sending Nudes

In today's digital age, sending and receiving nudes has become increasingly common among teenagers. Apps ...

March 16, 2023

iphone on tripod, next to crossed circle

Influencers vs. De-Influencers: What Parents Need To Know

Parents, if you think about the advertising we grew up watching, it probably seems different ...

March 08, 2023

teen girl on her phone, cartoon text bubbles around her phone

How to Protect Your Children From Online Predators

As technology advances and kids find more ways to connect online, they’re more likely than ...

February 09, 2023

cartoon web browser with X's

How to Block PornHub and Other Porn Sites

According to our 2022 Annual Report, 62.4% of tweens and 82.2% of teens have encountered ...

February 06, 2023

cartoon kid with illustrated brain, looking sad

A Child’s Brain on Porn: The Dangers and Damages

Gone are the days of Playboy, X-rated movie stores and even the supervision of the ...

January 30, 2023

Spotify porn header image: playlist with explicit track titles

Spotify Has a Porn Problem — Here’s What Parents Need to Know

Recently, we discovered that Spotify — arguably the most popular music streaming app today — ...

January 27, 2023

"What is a furry?"header image with two pink furry creatures

What Is a Furry? And Other FAQs for Parents

If you’ve ever seen a person out in public dressed up like a cartoon animal ...

January 05, 2023

Kid holding Bark Phone

5 Reasons the Bark Smartphone for Kids is Great

It’s safe to say that the team here at Bark is pretty proud of the ...

December 09, 2022

graphic of roblox slang with lego-type character

What Does “BTC” Mean? Roblox Slang for Parents In 2023

**Note: This list was updated on January 25, 2023.** The massively popular gaming platform known ...

November 07, 2022

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