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Apps for Autism: Protecting Kids With Autism

Kids with autism face different challenges when it comes to growing up and navigating technology, so helping to protect them online is crucial. For families of kids with autism, screens and assistive technologies have been nothing short of revolutionary. Incorporating...

Google Docs for Kids: What Parents Should Know

Many parents are familiar with Google Docs, Google’s online word processing app. It’s become a staple of the workplace — easily shareable, great for collaboration, and with a fool-proof autosave feature. For these same reasons, Google Docs for kids has also become...

Why Do People Bully: Guide For Parents

As National Bullying Prevention Month draws to a close, we’d like to discuss the topic from a different perspective: what to do when it’s your child who’s doing the bullying. If this happens, it can be absolutely heartbreaking. Parents can be left wondering how this...

School Bullying: Cyberbullying At School

Cyberbullying is one of the most persistent challenges facing kids today alongside more common forms of bullying like school bullying. And as more activities shift online it becomes harder to detect harmful behaviors. Cyberbullying may not reveal itself through...

Cyberbullying vs. Bullying

Parents can probably relate to arguments they’ve seen online played out in the comments section of a social media post. They quickly devolve into stressful, hurtful and pointed attacks — and these are adults! Imagine being a child and having access to the same...

Our Bullying Stories [Video]

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and for kids today, one of the most common forms of bullying they'll be exposed to is cyberbullying. At Bark, we know firsthand how damaging cyberbullying can be to a child's psyche, which is why we're passionate about...

Stand Up To Bullying With New Emoji

The first day back to school can be hard. New classes, different teachers, and changing friend groups can all add up and might make kids feel like they don’t belong. On top of all that, there’s also bullying to contend with. But now kids have a new way to stand up to...

Forms Of Cyberbullying: Revenge Porn

Mischa Barton, the star of The O.C., was recently the victim of revenge porn, an emerging form of cyberbullying. According to her, someone she dated used a hidden camera to video tape her during sex and in the shower. He then attempted to sell those videos. She found...

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