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Gilmore Girls: A TV Show Review For Parents 

Updated February 8, 2024


Overall Rating: ⭐ 3.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 13 and up

You may remember Gilmore Girls as that fast-talking mom-and-daughter show from the early 2000’s. Chances are, you happened to catch an episode or two but it wasn’t on your must-see list like Friends or The Sopranos. So it’ll probably surprise you that Gilmore Girls has become hugely popular with Gen Z in the last few years. It’s more common to find super-fans of the show now than it was during its 7-year air time from 2000–2007. The prime audience seems to be teen girls who may not have even been born before the pilot episode aired.

So in case you’ve forgotten about those episodes you watched back in 2002, here’s a quick recap of what the show is about. It’s about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, a mom and daughter living in small-town Connecticut. Lorelai is a young mom who had Rory when she was just sixteen. The show begins when Rory is sixteen herself and newly accepted to a prestigious private school called Chilton. 

Two things are obvious from the first episode (and remain true for the whole show): First, Lorelai and Rory have a very close relationship as a mom and daughter. And second, both share an incredibly sharp wit that keeps the other characters (and the audience) on their toes.

Harmful Content ❗️


This show doesn’t have obviously harmful content but certainly hits on mature themes that younger kids may not be ready to be exposed to. Some of these themes include complex dating relationships and toxic family dynamics. The majority of the show centers around high school and small-town drama, which is pretty common in teen shows. 

Other things parents may want to know about in the show include some references to drugs (marijuana) and drinking. In general, it’s the adults drinking but there are instances of underage drinking. 



Gilmore Girls isn’t necessarily clean, frequently using words such as “damn”, “b*tch”, and “bastard.” But the dialogue focuses more on witty banter with obscure references to pop culture or famous literature as opposed to excessive swearing. 



As the plot often features the happenings of Lorelai’s and Rory’s respective love lives, there is some romance displayed throughout the show. This is often in the form of kissing and occasionally showing a couple in bed together. But there’s never any nudity shown and if sex is talked about, it’s not overly detailed or explicit. 



Gilmore Girls is not a generally violent show, but now and then an episode will have some rough scenes as a dramatic plot twist. This is typically a fistfight or strong verbal argument between two characters. Any violence in the show is minimal and far from graphic.

Positive Value 💫


Amidst the everyday affairs of boyfriends, school, work, and friendships, any viewer of Gilmore Girls can see that the heart of the show is the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. In general, the show doesn’t have much formative or educational value for teens watching but is certainly fun to watch and escape to the happenings of small-town Stars Hollow. Not to mention, it’s a nice relief from other modern shows with far more concerning content.

Teens can also relate to Rory as a teenage girl who experiences all the common things any teen does in high school. Rory herself is a quiet and studious girl but has big dreams for her career after high school. She’s not necessarily the most popular, but she has her close friends and a couple of serious boyfriends throughout the series. And at the end of the day, she seems most content with her nose in a book.

So, should my kid watch it?

This show is likely appropriate for ages 13 and up. Now that you know some of the important content details, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your kid when it comes to watching Gilmore Girls.