How To Set Up Samsung Kids Home Parental Controls

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With Samsung Kids Home, you can get peace of mind when you hand over your device to your child. This parental control feature protects your children from accessing potentially harmful content, allows you to set limits to your child's usage, and customize what content they are able to view. With family-friendly activities to both entertain and encourage them to learn, develop, and flourish, Samsung Kids Home lets you shape a safe environment for your child to explore and connect with the digital world.  

Devices Supporting Samsung Kids Home

  • Hardware: Samsung Electronics' smartphones and tablets
  • Software: Android Pie (9.0) OS and subsequent versions
  • Resolution: HD (1280×720) or higher

Find Your Device's Version of Android

To ensure that you’re following the right set of directions, you’ll first want to check the version of Android your device is running. If it’s not current, you may have the option to update. It’s best to update whenever possible to ensure you have access to all the latest features.

  1. From the home screen, press the Settings button.

  2. Scroll down and select About Phone or About Tablet.

  3. Scroll down to Android Version. The number under this heading is the version of Android running on your device (i.e. 0.0).

How to Set Up Samsung Kids Home

  1. Tap the screen to drag down and open the Quick Panel.
  2. Tap Kids Home in the Quick Panel.
  3. On the Kids Home welcome page, tap Next.
  4. Set up a PIN and confirm.
  5. Tap the top-right menu button to access all parental control options.
    • PIN Lock
    • Play Time Limit
    • Usage Report
    • App/Contact/Media Allow

Preventing Guest Mode Access

Kids may try to get around Bark’s parental controls on their personal profile by logging in as a guest, which could expose them to potential dangers and inappropriate content. Fortunately, you can turn off guest mode so your child will always have to log in with their own profile.

How to delete guest mode

  1. From your child's device Home screen, the lock screen, and many app screens, swipe down from the top with two fingers to open up Quick Settings.

  2. Tap Switch user.

  3. Tap Add guest. This will create and switch you to a guest profile on the device.

  4. Once logged into guest mode, swipe down with two fingers again.

  5. Tap Remove guest to be switched back to the main user account.

  6. Swipe down with two fingers again, tap User and confirm that the Add users from lock screen is toggled off.

How to password protect the main user account

The main user on a device acts as the administrator. Once you create it, if your child tries to switch to this user, it will require the PIN or password.

  1. Head to Settings > Security.

  2. Tap on Screen lock.

  3. Choose a PIN or password.

Create a new user and install Bark if you have an account.

  1. Swipe down with two fingers from the top of your child's device Home screen to open Quick Settings.

  2. Tap Switch user.

  3. Tap More Settings or Add user.

  4. Tap Setup up user now and you will be switched to that new user's profile. Follow the setup steps.

  5. Setup your child's (or yours) Google Account.

  6. Install Bark.

    Bark - The Internet Safety Solution

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