How To Set Up Spotify Parental Controls

Spotify Parental Control Settings

Spotify is a popular music-streaming service. With Spotify's Premium Family Plan, parents can control the Explicit Content Filter setting for all users associated with the account. This plan also features:

  • Family Mix: Families get access to a personalized playlist with songs for the whole family. Family Mix is updated regularly and you can control who is in each session to optimize your family’s favorite music.
  • Family Hub: The Family Hub allows the account owners to manage their Family’s settings in one place, including adding or removing family members, keeping the home address up to date, and adjusting your parental controls.
  • Six Accounts: Spotify Premium Family still provides six individual Spotify Premium accounts for family members living under one roof, meaning you’ll keep your own saved music and playlists.

Note: These features will be available for users in the United States this fall.

How to Monitor Content

In addition to setting parental controls on your child's device, the next safety layer parents and caregivers should strongly consider is a monitoring solution to assess the content their kids encounter (and produce) across text messages, social media, and email. Bark can do this for you. On Spotify, Bark analyzes a child’s recently played tracks and then scans the lyrics for all of the same issues we monitor everywhere else — cyberbullying, depression, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, and more. If you'd like to see a detailed list of everything Bark can monitor, click here.

Bark - The Internet Safety Solution

Bark is dedicated to helping keep kids safe online and in real life. In 2018, we helped protect nearly 3 million kids with our groundbreaking products for families and schools.

By monitoring text messages, Spotify, emails, and 24+ different social networks for potential safety concerns like cyberbullying, self-harm, violence, sexual predators, and more, Bark allows busy parents to rest easier knowing their kids are better protected from digital dangers. Sign up today to start your free, one-week trial or visit to learn more.