Screen time for every device

From TVs and Nintendos to PlayStations and iPads, Bark Home lets you manage when your kids can access the internet on all the devices in your house.

Set custom schedules

Different times of day call for different screen time rules. Limit distractions during the school day, allow gaming apps after homework’s done, and encourage rest after lights out.

Pause the internet

When things get hectic around your house, you can pause the internet anytime so your kid can take a breather. Who knows — you might even want to join them.

Create automatic bedtimes

Decide which screen time rules apply when it’s time for bed. This can look like no internet at all or maybe just apps that will help them wind down like music or mindfulness apps.

Block apps and games

Turn off access to apps and games with the tap of a button, whether it’s Netflix on TV, Fortnite on PlayStation, or YouTube on a laptop.

Filter websites

You can allow or block specific websites — or choose from 19 different categories like streaming services, online gaming, sexual content, and more.

Supports high speeds

Bark Home won’t sandbag your Wi-Fi network as it supports high speeds of 1Gbps. Even better? That’s twice as fast as Circle.

Make SafeSearch mandatory

Your kids won’t be able to turn off SafeSearch on YouTube, Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo across all home devices.

Works with most routers

We designed Bark Home to be compatible with as many domestic routers as possible. Here’s a running list so you can see if yours works.