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What Parents Are Saying

Insight and conversation starters

Best of all, the conversations we have regarding Bark alerts give me insight into my child’s world and his relationships.

Dave C.
Dad of 4

A huge weight lifted

It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when stumbling across the Bark app.

Jenna U.
Mom of 3

Greater peace of mind

With Bark alerts, I now have peace of mind that my kids devices are safe and I don’t have to look at everything.

Brett K.
Dad of 3

Real-Life Use Cases

Predators are just one thing content monitoring using a phone monitoring app for parents can help with

Online Predators

Content filtering can prevent your kid from getting false information about sex

Sexual Content

Dave P. wants to make sure that Mark, his 14-year-old, learns about sex from him, rather than from the internet, so he blocks sexual content from Mark’s devices.

A screen time limit app can support mental health

Mental Health

Silas Q. knows that his 14-year-old really struggles with his anxiety after spending a lot of time on Instagram, so he restricts it during the week to support him.

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