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Bark vs. Apple Screen Time
Screen time schedules
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Set custom rules for school time, bedtime, and free time
Apple Screen Time
Only allows Downtime

Create one set of app and/or website limits to be applied

Can also set weekly or daily downtime schedule.
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Block specific sites and 19 categories, including adult content, gaming, and streaming sites
Apple Screen Time
Block specific sites and can block adult content as a category
Anytime internet pausing
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Disable the internet whenever needed — no matter where your kids are
Apple Screen Time
Does not have an instant internet pause toggle, however you can manually adjust Screen Time/Downtime settings as needed to restrict internet access
Content monitoring
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Scans online activities for concerning content
Apple Screen Time
Messages includes tools that warn children and provide helpful resources if they receive or attempt to send photos that may contain nudity. Parents are not notified; children have the option to message an adult that they trust about the photo if they choose to.
Alerts for potential dangers
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Get email/text notifications for issues like cyberbullying and sexual content
Apple Screen Time
Pop-up warning for messages that include nudity
YouTube restricted mode
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Keep restrictions in place no matter how YouTube is accessed while connected to Bark
Apple Screen Time
Must be manually turned on within the YouTube app and children may make changes to this setting
Child opt-out disabled
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Prevent children under 18 from opting out of Bark
Apple Screen Time
Any family member age 13 or older can remove themselves from a family group. If you have Screen Time turned on for your account, the family organizer must remove you.
Works with Androids and iPhones
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Manage all your family’s devices easily with one app
Apple Screen Time
Only works with iOS devices

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How does Bark work?

Content Monitoring

Bark uses advanced machine learning and statistical analysis techniques to recognize potential problems. Simple keyword searches are not enough to detect the majority of issues, which is why our parental control app uses contextual analysis and natural language processing to determine when something serious might be happening.

For example, Bark knows the difference between a kid saying “This homework makes me wanna kill myself,” versus “Nobody cares about me!! I wanna kill myself.” Our algorithm also keeps up with the latest in teen slang.

Screen Time Management and Website Blocking

Families can manage not only when their kids can access the internet on their devices, but also which sites and apps they can visit.

You can create custom profiles for each child in your house, create screen time schedules, and manage access to a wide variety of websites — including video streaming, gaming, adult content, and more.

Does Bark work with co-parents and/or dual households?

Absolutely! Whether your child has an Android or an iOS device, it’s possible for co-parents to share alerts and notifications. Read more about it sharing alerts and notifications here or contact us to learn more.

What can I do with Bark's parental controls for iOS?

Bark's parental controls for iOS devices give you the power to monitor your child’s online activities in a groundbreaking way. 

Our content monitoring uses advanced AI to scan messages, posts, comments, replies, web searches, and so much more to find potential dangers. If something concerning is found, you’ll get a timely alert so you can check in and make sure everything is okay. Learn more about what Bark monitors on iOS devices here.

In addition to monitoring, Bark also lets you manage screen time, block websites & apps, and track location 24/7.

These key features of our iPhone parental monitoring app work together to build a powerful digital safety net to help you protect your child online and in real life.

How does Bark's parental control app for Android compare to others?

We believe Bark provides the most Android coverage of any parental control tool! It’s also a great alternative to Google Family Link because it lets parents get more granular with screen time limits and blocking.

If your kid has an Android, Bark lets you:

  • Monitor texts and saved photos & videos
  • Monitor 30+ social media platforms and apps
  • Manage screen time
  • Block websites and apps
  • Track location in real time
How do I get started with Bark?

To get started, simply visit our sign-up page or download our app for parents (iOSAndroid). From there, you’ll be able to select the product (Bark Premium or Bark Jr) that’s right for your family and get step-by-step instructions.

If you’re interested in the Bark Phone, learn more about it and choose the plan that’s right for your family and place your order. 

As for the Bark Home, you can order one here.

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