Allow Your Kid to Delete Texts With Permission

The Bark Team  |  March 14, 2023

The ability to not delete texts was one of the most important features of the Bark Phone when we first designed it. We wanted parents to be able to review potentially dangerous messages on their child’s device. Kids don’t always know where they’re in over their head online, and this way parents would have a way to double-check everything was okay. 

But we soon heard from parents that these types of messages need to be deleted after they were reviewed. After all, no one deserves to have something upsetting or frightening stick around on their messages app. 

We quickly fixed this so that texts can be deleted with permission. This means you and your child can get rid of texts when needed, and then the settings can be put back in place where texts can’t be deleted. 

Want step-by-step instructions? Check out our in-depth article for everything you need to know.