Bark Phone images with new location features

Major Improvements to Location Tracking Are Here

The Bark Team  |  February 7, 2024

Keeping track of your kids is one of the most important concerns a parent can have, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve made our location-tracking features even stronger with our new update.

Parents have told us that they need more details and more information when their kids are out and about, and we listened. 

Here’s a rundown of all the improvements and additions to our location tracking that Bark families can now expect:

Detailed activity tracking

You can now see what your child is doing based on their speed — whether they’re walking, running, driving, and more.

More frequent location updates

Your children’s exact locations will be updated more often so you’ll get an enhanced real-time update on where they’re at all times.

Quick view map

Now, when you open your Bark parent app or dashboard, you’ll see the location map front and center so you can quickly and easily find your kids.

See all your kids at once

You’ll be able to get your eyes on all of your children at once on the same map, saving time and effort. 

Icons and improved visuals

Eye-catching icons and visual markers will make your map easier to read because you can quickly clock important addresses, locations, and activities. You’ll also see a larger radius around saved places for location alerts. 

And coming soon, you can look forward to even more new location tracking features like:
  • Trip updates
  • Customizable place notifications