Unlimited Data Plans for the Bark Phone

The Bark Team  |  May 10, 2023

CTO Brandon Hilkert recently asked for feedback about the Bark Phone in our Parenting in a Tech World Facebook group, and one of the most asked-for updates was more GBs of data for the Bark Phone. 

We totally heard you — kids can go through a lot of data, especially in the age of digital streaming (looking at you, Netflix on long car trips).

We’re proud to announce a new plan that has unlimited talk, text, and data (35GB of premium speed data) for $89/month.

The other packages will remain:

  • Wi-Fi only for $49/month
  • 4 GB for $59/month
  • 8 GB for $69/month

As always, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Check out our in-depth article for everything you need to know.