Bark Jr — Screen Time Parental Controls

Create screen time schedules

Block websites and apps

Get location alerts

Pricing & Details

Our entry-level product is perfect for younger kids.

  • Manage screen time
  • Filter which websites your kids can visit
  • Keep up with kids with location alerts and check-ins
$ 5 USD /mo

Why Bark Jr’s screen time parental controls stands out from the competition

Add unlimited kids & devices

One low price no matter how your family grows.

Manage from your phone

Take care of settings no matter where your kid is.

Built by parents, for parents

Founded by a dad of 2 looking to keep his kids safe.

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What devices are supported?

Bark Jr works on iOS and Android devices. If your child is using an older hand-me-down device, you can check to see if it’s compatible here.

Can I block categories of websites along with specific websites?

Yes, our web filtering feature lets you manage access to up to 18 different website categories. Within those categories, you can also create exceptions. For example, you can block all streaming sites but allow Netflix (and vice versa).

What does Bark Jr do?

Bark Jr is an award-winning safety solution that helps keep kids safe online and in real life. With it, you can block websites and apps, set screen time schedules, and set location alerts.

Do these features work outside of the home?

For phones and tablets

Yes! You can manage screen time and filter websites for phones and tablets with the Bark app for Android or iOS, whether your child’s device is connected to a Wi-Fi network or is using cellular data.

For other internet-connected devices

Yes! You can manage screen time and filter websites on home devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more with Bark Home, a small device that plugs into your home Wi-Fi router that allows you to manage internet-connected devices.  

Do I need to jailbreak/root my child's phone?

No, you do not need to jailbreak your child’s iOS device or root your child’s Android phone in order for Bark to work. As a third-party service, we strive to provide a program that keeps phones working properly and that does not void warranties or terms of service.

How is Bark's screen time feature different from Apple Screen Time or Google Family Link?

Bark offers parents much more robust functionality than Apple and Google.

With web filtering, Apple and Google only block general content. Bark breaks down a wide range of categories and exceptions to enable a more customized and refined level of protection.

Bark also provides parents with the ability to make screen time schedules for each child based on the time of day and the day of the week. You can decide what apps and websites are allowed during the school day, at bedtime, and during free time.

Finally, when you combine the Bark App with Bark Home, you can bring these same controls to all of the internet-connected devices on your home Wi-Fi, like smart TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, and more.

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