Even More Teen Slang Through the Ages

Haley Zapal | September 27, 2019 | Culture & Media

You may remember our last Teen Slang Through the Ages blog post and how it gave parents a fun, quirky look at today’s trendiest lingo. Fortunately, there’s never a shortage of new and strange slang to decode, and we had so much fun with it that we decided to do it again! As always, we’ll be providing Ye Olde translations as well as their definitions for all of you Gen X’ers and Vintage Millennials.

Teen Slang: Thirsty

Ye Olde Teenspeake: I myself am parched.

Gen X Translation: Eager or desperate to get something.

Teen Slang: Ghosted

Ye Olde Teenspeake: Mine true love ceased to answer my letters and hath vanished like a phantom.

Gen X Translation: When someone ends a relationship by completely disappearing, stopping all communication instead of breaking up in person.

Teen Slang: YEET!

Ye Olde Teenspeake: HUZZAH

Gen X Translation: A very strong yes.

Note: Huzzah dates back to the 1500s. The OED says it’s a “mere exclamation” — not unlike today’s YEET.

Teen Slang: Gucci

Ye Olde Teenspeake: Gutenberg

Gen X Translation: Gucci means “good” or “A-Ok,” as in “Everything’s Gucci, fam.”

Teen Slang: DTF (Down to F*ck)

Ye Olde Teenspeake: DTF (Delighted to Fornicate)

Gen X Translation: Teens send DTF messages to indicate they’re willing to engage in casual sex.

Teen Slang: Squad Goals

Ye Olde Teenspeake: Hark! Behold my squadron ambitions!

Gen X Translation: An aspirational term for what you’d like your group of friends to be or accomplish.

Teen Slang: Cancelled

Ye Olde Teenspeake: Revoketh’d

Gen X Translation: When you “cancel” someone or something, you’re dismissing them. It’s also used to reject an individual or an idea.

Teen Slang: Throw Shade

Ye Olde Teenspeake: Project Thine Umbrage

Gen X Translation: To say something rude or be judgmental about another person.

Teen Slang: Turnt

Ye Olde Teenspeake: I have partaken of spirits and now find myself inebriated.

Gen X Translation: A slang word meaning excited and having a good time, often with the help of drugs or alcohol. 

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