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Mark Rober: A YouTube Channel Review For Parents 

Updated September 28, 2023


Overall Rating: ⭐ 4.5 / 5

Recommended Age: 7 and up

What would you get if you mixed mechanical engineering with YouTube? The answer is Mark Rober. 

Mark Rober is a mechanical engineer who makes videos creating elaborate and silly experiments for things in his everyday life. His videos usually start with a random premise or question, then using proven science and expert knowledge, he tests it out and explains his process the whole way through. A few examples include designing a mechanized obstacle course for the squirrels in his backyard, creating a moving dartboard that gives him a bullseye every time, and even exposing the science behind why carnival games are so hard to beat. 

Both parents and kids will be fascinated to know that Rober actually worked at NASA for nine years — and he worked directly on the Curiosity rover that’s currently on Mars right now! So it’s safe to assume this guy knows his stuff. In our review, we’ll go over exactly what parents can expect from Mark Rober and his wild experiments. Let’s dive in! 

Harmful Content ❗️


Rober keeps his content clean from anything that would be harmful for kids to watch. In fact, teaching kids about the fun of science is the main goal of CrunchLabs, a company he co-founded in 2022. Kids should know that some of his experiments are only safe because he’s an engineer — they’re not to be replicated at home without supervision or a certain level of expertise. 

Rober has a series on his channel called the “Glitterbomb” series, where he uses his homemade glitter bombs to prank everyday scammers and thieves. His first glitter bomb video was to get back at someone who stole a package off his porch. Then, the videos progressed to using glitter bombs on scam callers, which even involved helping the police catch scammers who were targeting older adults and stealing thousands of dollars. Some parents may feel wary about these videos, but the glitter bombs are completely harmless and Rober’s “revenge” is always expressed in a playful and innocent way. 



Rober’s channel is essentially free of adult or offensive language. 



There is no sexual or even romantic content on this channel. 



There’s no intense violence in his videos, however, some of his experiments involve loud bangs, projectile shots, and some generally gross topics (such as this video where he measures the amount of pee found in your average swimming pool).  

Positive Value 💫


Mark Rober’s channel checks all the boxes for great kids’ entertainment: it’s educational, creative, fun to watch, and family-friendly! Rober makes his videos fast-paced with lots of interesting images and helpful graphics as he breaks down his experiments. He explains in a way that’s easy to follow and always accompanied by his own fascination and passion for the subject. 

Rober’s videos can make even the most disinterested-in-science kid get excited about engineering, physics, or any other topic he covers. And even videos that are less science-heavy, parents can rest assured that they’re safe to watch and will definitely keep their kids engaged. 

So, should my kid watch it?

Absolutely! This a great channel for kids that will open them up to the world of creative, everyday science.